The National Disaster Reduction Commission sent a working group to Henan to guide disaster relief work

  Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, July 31 (Reporters Liu Jinhui, Liu Xiacun) In response to the severe flooding in Henan Province, the National Disaster Reduction Commission sent a working group to Henan to guide the relief work.

On the 31st, the first plenary meeting of the working group of the National Disaster Reduction Commission was held in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the working group's work plan was formulated.

  According to reports, the working group has formed a rescue and flood prevention and drainage steering group, a fund guarantee and use steering group, a construction safety inspection steering group, a health and epidemic prevention steering group, a disaster recovery and reconstruction group, an agricultural production recovery steering group, and a financial and insurance compensation steering group. 10 working groups including the Disaster Relief Donation and Compensation Guidance Group, Disaster Relief and Material Guarantee Group, and Comprehensive Coordination Group to carry out follow-up work.

  On the afternoon of the 31st, the working group went to Wangzongdian Village in Cuimiao Town, Shangwan Village in Jiayu Town and the resettlement sites, which were more severely affected in Xingyang City, Henan Province, to check the situation of the disaster and the resettlement of the affected people.

  According to reports, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Emergency Management have allocated 1.06 billion yuan in disaster relief funds to Henan in two batches, and 350,000 central relief materials have been distributed to the resettlement sites and the victims.