Hammer thrower Silja Kosonen pulled over 70 meters, but the result did not reach the finals of the women's hammer throw at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

After three throws, Kosonen's best result was 70.49 meters.

Krista Tervo, who threw in the previous qualifying group, was left without a result and did not advance to the final either.

The first throw flew out of the sector and the latter two remained in the cage.

- Yes, it's annoying now that they didn't make it to the finals.

If you think about the qualifying limit, you should have set a new record, Kosonen told Yle and said that the level has risen over the years.

- However, I got three good results, so I think it's pretty good in the first Olympics and the first adult championships.

Yes, you have to be happy with that.

After three throws, Kosonen's best result was 70.49 meters.

- Over 70 meters is already a pretty tough job and especially here, so you have to be satisfied.

Immediately after returning to Finland, Kosonen will head to Nairobi for the World Youth Championships.

He believes that the results of the European Championships and Tokyo will be a good sign for future events as well.

- If I can achieve such a hard result in competitions like this, then it promises good for the World Championships as well, he emphasizes to Yle.

Only 18-year-old Kosonen has thrown two Finnish records and a world record for young people this year and achieved the 19-year-old European Championship.

Kosonen's Finnish record is 73.43.

In winter, Kosonen threw Finland's record in the snow.

At Tokyo Stadium, on the other hand, mercury revolves around 40 degrees.

Kosonen told Yle that he had cold vests and other cold in use for cooling.

There was also a decent cooler bag with all the drinks.

- I think the Finnish team has taken good care of all the stuff for the athletes that will definitely stay cool, he adds.

23-year-old Krista Tervo's furious attempt at the Tokyo Olympics hammer qualifier ruined the timing of the spins.

Tervo aimed for the final place, ie a clear overrun of 70 meters, but missed the result.

Tervo slipped outside the hammer sector with the first company.

Other throws popped into the frames of the hammer cage.

- I went to the qualifiers in the final mind and I did not make sure.

There was no result, but there was a feeling that I tried my best, Tervo repeated the experience.

- Reversed the same technical error that has plagued the whole summer.

I didn’t catch the end of the throw so sharply that the throw would have hit the right spot at the cage mouth.

The timing problem was highlighted when I tried to accelerate the movement so hard.

Elimination from the final quickly moved Tervo's thoughts forward.

- The biggest goal of his career is in the next Olympics.

Before that, there is a lot of work ahead, especially with technology, which has come to the fore this season, Tervo continued.

- Next year there will be two tough competitions (World Championships and European Championships) ahead.

At the end of this season, Tervo is aiming for two victories that would alleviate the disappointment of the Olympic trip a bit.

- The Kaleva Games and the Swedish match are still left, Tervo reminded.

The Kaleva Games will be held in Tampere on 26-29.

August, Sweden match in Stockholm 4-5.