It is looking more and more that the gloomy predictions about the course of things in Afghanistan will come true.

The Taliban's advance continues;

they even penetrate into regions where they were previously not present.

Airports have to be closed, big cities are attacked.

The Taliban, the American military soberly stated, have the "strategic momentum";

they expand influence and control.

Even if one can understand the reasons for the United States' withdrawal - a withdrawal that the NATO partners inevitably join - the Biden government still bears at least part of the responsibility for further developments: in the end, they handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban. Her support for the government in Kabul will probably not prevent her overthrow.

The consequences will also be felt by other countries, in the region and beyond: in the form of new flows of refugees, the export of Islamism and instability. That also belongs in the final balance sheet. In Germany, the discussion has begun as to whether deportations to Afghanistan are still possible or whether these should be stopped. And the municipalities are already worried at the thought of what might happen to them - the memories of 2015 are still alive. The moral? Anyone who intervenes militarily must have serious reasons for it. He bears responsibility for a long time.