Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, a sprinter who has criticized the sports leadership in Belarus, wants to be sent home by force in the middle of the Olympics, according to Reuters news agency.

Tsimanouskajan was scheduled to compete in the women’s 200m preliminaries on Monday.

He told Reuters he did not plan to return to his home country.

He has asked for help from Japanese police so he doesn’t have to get on a plane.

The sprinter says the coaching staff came to his hotel room on Sunday and they told him to pack his stuff, after which he was taken to the airport.

Tsimanouskaja believes he was removed from the team because of his Instagram comments directed at the coaches and subsequently removed.

Some of the women on the Belarusian messaging team did not make it to the Games due to inadequate doping testing.

Tsimanouskaja had been named to the team in his own words without being told directly.

- The coach added me to the team without my knowledge.

I spoke about this in public.

The head coach came up to me, and said the upper has been ordered to remove me from the team.

Tsimanouskaja told Reuters she was currently with Japanese police at the airport.

He says in a video posted on the Telegram that he intends to seek help from the International Olympic Committee.

- There's pressure on me.

They're trying to get me out of the country without my permission.

I ask the IOC to comment.