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Boxer Mourad Aliev, eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics on disqualification of the referee in the + 91 kg Sunday, denounced "a scandal" after the supervisor of the tournament recognized "an error of refereeing", according to the French clan.

"They recognize that they made a mistake but as it is written they cannot reverse the decision. It is a scandal", denounced Aliev on France Televisions.

"There is no recourse," added John Dovi, the national technical director of boxing.

"The supervisor certifies an error in refereeing, he says that there is no error on the part of Mourad but they can not do anything".

As soon as the decision was announced in the ring, Aliev had denounced an injustice.

"It's unfair, everyone saw that I won", exclaimed Aliev, still in the ring, when the referee had just informed him of his disqualification for a head butt to his opponent the Briton Frazer Clarke.

Incredulous and angry, Aliev, who seemed to dominate the fight after a given first round winning three judges to two, then circled in the ring, going to his opponent to say "I won".

During the fight, Clarke had to be treated twice by the left browbone and it was after the second treatment that the referee, grouping the boxers, announced his decision.

After the official officialization of the result by the speaker, the Frenchman then made the + no + sign with his fingers in front of the cameras.

Still sitting on the edge of the ring a few minutes after the decision, Aliev and his clan didn't seem to believe it.

"It's not possible, I won, everyone saw it", he continued to repeat.

"We tried to do a sit-in," said John Dovi.

"It did not lead to anything, limit they had to call the police to dislodge us, so we will leave and we return home," he added.

"It is as if we had convicted an innocent person knowing that he was innocent", added Aliyev, very disappointed.

"We are talking about the values ​​of Olympism but they are not respected, I am empty-handed when it was the fight for the medal," he lamented.

The elimination of Aliev marks the end of hopes for medals for France in boxing in Tokyo, since no tricolor representative is in contention.

Boxing, a formidable provider of medals in Rio in 2016 (six medals, two titles), therefore leaves the Tokyo Games without the slightest reward.

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