Chinanews, August 1st, according to the US Chinese website, the US Department of Justice changed its attitude on July 30 and stated that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must submit the tax forms of former President Trump to Congress.

A federal judge said on July 31 that Trump was given three days to challenge the Justice Department's order.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  According to reports, the District of Columbia District Court Judge Trevor McFadden stated that Trump and his lawyers must respond by August 4.

  However, Trump and his lawyers have not yet indicated whether they will challenge the Justice Department's order.

  On July 30, the US Department of Justice stated that the Internal Revenue Service must publish Trump's tax returns to Congress, which is contrary to its position during the Trump administration.

  The Office of the Legal Counsel of the Department of Justice stated in a 39-page opinion that the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee made a request with legitimate legislative purposes to view Trump’s tax returns to assess the IRS. How to audit Trump's tax forms.

  Previously, Trump had refused to publish his income tax returns, breaking the decades-old precedent set by candidates and former presidents. He has repeatedly stated that his returns are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

However, in practice, taxpayers can publish their tax returns to the public during the audit period.

  The July 30 decision was made more than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court stated that Trump’s long-time accountant must hand over his tax forms to Manhattan District Attorney Vance. The subpoena from Vance’s office was used as a criminal investigation. Part of it.

  In July, the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Alan Wesselberg, were charged by the Vance office with criminal charges. This was the first criminal charge brought by the prosecutors after several years of investigating the group.

The prosecutors allege that the Trump Organization has continued to commit tax fraud for 15 years.