• Mps, Unicredit accelerates.

    Giani: "No to negotiations without social partners and territory"


01 August 2021 There is a commitment to protect the MPS brand, the jobs and prevent the bank from making a "stew". But there is also the caution associated with a market operation that is still in progress. Thus the government is facing the dossier of the Monte dei paschi di Siena in these hours, which agitates the majority.

Not a word leaks from the presidency of the Council: the dossier is on Daniele Franco's table. And the Minister of Economy will in all likelihood report to Parliament, after the numerous requests received. But the executive underlines how the exclusive negotiation with Unicredit is part of a path traced after the bailout of the bank by the State and in compliance with European deadlines, with the obligation to discontinue the participation by the end of 2021.

The political controversies, fueled by the upcoming supplementary elections for the seat in Siena where Enrico Letta is a candidate, do not come unexpectedly, but do not seem to affect that path at the moment. Matteo Salvini will rekindle the debate. "The sale is unthinkable" and "the stew", declares the leader of the League, who stigmatizes the hypothesized 6000 redundancies and proposes to create the "third Italian banking center", a bank of the "territories", combining MPS with "other institutions Emilian, Ligurian or Apulian ". Faced with the crisis of the bank, last in the European stress tests, Salvini points the finger at the Democratic Party: "Mps survived the wars, it risks not surviving the Dems. The deputy of the Democratic Party of Siena (Padoan) has resigned to go to do ... the president of UniCredit.Does it seem normal to you? ", He urges. With what the Nazarene define as an" inelegant blame game ". Also because, they note, Padoan's candidacy is linked to the previous Pd season (Renzi guide) and the move to Unicredit" is his personal choice "A distancing that Iv shows not to like: as minister of the economy, Padoan" avoided the disaster "of the bank, say the Renzians.say the Renzians.say the Renzians.   

The local trade unions Cigl, Cisl and Uil, issue a very hard note to denounce "the objective denial of a confrontation by the majority shareholder, the government" and the concern because now "the land preparation operations" mean that the dish is "served" and "it will be difficult not to bring it to the table". The MPS case certainly bursts into the electoral campaign for the Siena seat, where voting will be held in October (rumors of a change in the running of the center-right candidate in favor of a stronger name are chasing). Letta, who linked his secretariat to the election in that college, carefully follows the dossier and will meet the local social, economic and political actors to discuss with them, having four polar stars: protection of work, of the brand,centrality of the territory and unity of the bank, to avoid the "stew". A task force led by Antonio Misiani was set up at the Nazareno to follow the issue.   

The MPS theme, which Renato Brunetta could ask Mario Draghi to talk about on the CDM, is in the meantime in Parliament. In the Chamber, at the beginning of the Sunday session on the reform of the justice system, the interventions are controversial. Not only Fdi but also Lega and Pd ask to listen to Franco. President Roberto Fico forwards the request to the government and Federico D'Incà announces an answer by the hour. Formally the requests are different: one to report to the Chamber, one to intervene in the Finance committees, one to speak to the Commission of Inquiry on Banks and one to implement the law that provides for reporting on banking operations. The disclosure will take place: times (if already this week or in September) and place are being evaluated. But Franco will not be able to unbalance himself on the aspects of the negotiation, in order not to interfere in advance with themarket operation.   

In these hours, reassurances are coming from the Ministry of Economy on the government's commitment to protect MPS. This means first of all ensuring that the buyer takes as much of the bank as possible to avoid the "stew". Until the perimeter of the operation is defined (for now, only non-performing loans and litigation are excluded), it is difficult to estimate the redundancies but the other commitment is to reduce them as much as possible and, for those that prove to be inevitable, manage them, even by refinancing instruments such as the redundancy fund for banks. As for the brand, we work to protect its historical and economic value, also in terms of the presence of branches in the area. And then there is an intervention being studied to support the Sienese area, with support for sectors that are very present there such as pharmaceuticals.