, Beijing, August 1st. The pension standards for some retired military personnel have been raised again, a number of tax and fee declaration forms have been integrated, the parking or charging of battery cars is prohibited in high-rise civil buildings, and the application of facial information should be more safe and standard... In August, a new batch of new Rules will come into our lives.

Data map: Soldiers wear glory flowers for veterans.

Photo by Xu Shucan

The pension subsidy standard for some veterans is raised again

  When the "August 1st" Army Day is approaching, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to once again raise the pension and subsidy standards for some veterans and other preferential care recipients.

  From August 1st, disabled persons (disabled military personnel, disabled people’s police, disabled state organ workers, disabled militia civic workers) disability pensions, "three family members" (survivors of martyrs, survivors of servicemen who died on duty, and soldiers who died of illness) Survivors) regular pensions, "Three Reds" (veterans of the Red Army in the township, veterans of the Red Army in the township, veterans of the Red Army in the township, and separated members of the Red Army) will continue to increase at an average rate of 10%. Demobilized soldiers in the township On the current basis, the standard of living allowance will be increased by 200 yuan per person per month.

Data map: A military instructor is teaching students arm swing training.

Photo by Qin Qinghe

High school military training shall not be less than 7 days

  The "High School Students Military Training Syllabus" issued by the Ministry of Education and the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission will be implemented nationwide on August 1.

  The "Outline" clearly states that the military training teaching for high school students includes two parts: basic military knowledge and basic military skills. The teaching time is 7 to 14 days, with a total of no less than 7 days and 56 class hours.

Among them, the basic military knowledge has a total of 24 class hours, the required training has 12 class hours, the basic military skills has a total of 88 class hours, and the mandatory training has 44 class hours.

  The evaluation results of the training assessment will be incorporated into the student's comprehensive quality evaluation file as an important reference content for military service registration.

Data map: Tax staff issues VAT invoices for taxpayers.

Photo by Li Lin

VAT, consumption tax and additional tax returns will be integrated

  According to the State Administration of Taxation, from August 1st, taxpayers should complete the declaration of additional taxes and fees such as urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, and local education surcharge when declaring value-added tax and consumption tax.

  This integration integrates value-added tax and consumption tax with the urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, and local education surcharge declaration form respectively, and enables the "Value-added tax and surcharge declaration form (applicable to general taxpayers)", "Value-added tax and surcharges" Declaration form (applicable to small-scale taxpayers), “Prepayment Form for Value-Added Tax and Additional Taxes” and its attached materials, and “Declaration Form for Consumption Tax and Additional Taxes and Fees”.

  After the taxpayer fills in the relevant declaration information of value-added tax and consumption tax, he will be automatically brought into the additional tax and fee supplementary information (attached table); after completing the additional tax and other declaration information, he will return to the main form of the value-added tax and consumption tax declaration to form Data on the value-added tax, consumption tax, and additional taxes payable by the taxpayer in the current period.

The pre-filling of the information in the above table is automatically realized by the system.

Data map: Nanning, Guangxi, electric car drivers wearing helmets riding.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Guanyan



building electric cars parked maximum fine of 10,000 yuan

  On August 1, the "Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings" issued by the Ministry of Emergency Management came into effect.

  The regulations are clear that it is forbidden to park or charge electric bicycles in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings.

Business units and individuals who violate the regulations shall be fined 2,000 yuan up to 10,000 yuan, and non-business units and individuals shall be fined 500 yuan up to 1,000 yuan.

  At the same time, encourage the establishment of centralized storage and charging places for electric bicycles in high-rise residential districts.

The storage and charging places for electric bicycles should be set up independently and kept a safe distance from high-rise civil buildings; if it is really necessary to set up in high-rise civil buildings, they should be separated from other parts of the building by fire protection.

Data map: Consumers are buying pork in a supermarket in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yun

Increase industry prohibition system for pig slaughter

  The newly revised "Regulations on the Administration of Live Pig Slaughter" came into effect on August 1. This revision adds an industry prohibition system.

  If the designated pig slaughter plant has its certificate of designated slaughter revoked, its legal representative or person in charge, directly in charge, and other directly responsible personnel shall not apply for a pig slaughter certificate or certificate within 5 years from the date when the penalty decision is made. Engaged in pig slaughter management activities.

In addition, if a person has been sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment or higher for food safety crimes, he shall not engage in pig slaughter management activities for life.

Data map.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhao Jun

The property must not force the owner to "brush his face" into the community

  The "Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Cases Related to the Use of Face Recognition Technology to Process Personal Information" promulgated by the Supreme Law came into effect on August 1.

  For property service companies or other building managers who use face recognition as the only verification method for owners or property users to enter and exit the property service area, the "Regulations" make it clear that owners or property users who disagree request other reasonable verification methods. The court shall support it in accordance with the law.

Data map: Photo by Li Dian on China Mobile's micro court page

The new Supreme Law fills the gaps in the online litigation system

  On August 1, the "Online Litigation Rules of the People's Courts" promulgated by the Supreme Law came into effect. This document will effectively fill the gaps in the system of online litigation in China.

  There are 39 articles in the "Rules", which cover the legal effects, basic principles, applicable conditions, and scope of online litigation, as well as online procedural rules for the main litigation links from filing to execution.

  The "Rules" establish the basic principles of online litigation, clarify the scope and conditions of application; clarify the effectiveness and review rules of electronic materials, and consolidate the foundation of the online trial mechanism; clarify the scope of effectiveness of blockchain evidence, improve the evidence authenticity review standard; clarify online court trials Scope and methods of application, standardize the order of online court trials; clarify the non-synchronized trial mechanism, reasonably limit the scope and conditions of application; clarify the applicable rules for electronic service, and refine the judgment standards for the effectiveness of service.