During his sick leave, the chairman of the Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, has taken a distance from the nuances of daily politics and thought things far ahead.

The heart attack that came after the victorious municipal elections stopped the man for a moment, but it did not take away his ability to come up with ideas.

Orpo told the result of the report on Saturday in Ilta-Sanomat.

He aims to make the Coalition Party by far the largest party in the 2023 parliamentary elections, he himself will continue to lead the Coalition Party, take it to government councils, where the bourgeois government is sought.

And then he becomes prime minister.

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The vision is clear.

However, it requires that the election be won first.

In addition, it requires that other bourgeois parties succeed in such a way that it is possible to form a bourgeois government.

The biggest news in Orpo's vision is that he now sees the Basic Finns as a governmentable party.

Back in 2017, when Jussi Halla-aho took over the leadership of the basic Finns, Orpo specifically said that government cooperation is not possible.

So now it is.

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According to Orpo, no party should be “demonized”.

If the Basic Finns want to join the government, there are many preconditions for co-operation with the Coalition.

In an interview, the chairman of the Coalition Party says: “If they (Basic Finns) aim to become a governing party as a result of a change of presidency, they must also have a willingness to compromise on European policy, immigration policy and climate policy.

They are not dictated by anyone else alone. ”


Orpo's speeches are very close to how progress has been made in Sweden.

The Basic Finns' Party Conference is in mid-August.

There, Halla-aho's successor and vice-presidency will be elected.

Orpo's speeches are very close to how progress has been made in Sweden.

The Swedish Democrats did not qualify for any other party for a long time, now they are cooperating.

The speeches also bring out a certain kind of bloc policy.

The presidents of the major parties speak out years before the election, what formations they plan after the election and under what conditions.

From the point of view of consumer protection for voters, there are also good features here.

A voter can assess what possible board formations he or she will vote for.

Kind of.

In all honesty, quite a few of the downtown voters were surprised when the party left for the current government.

Most party leaders still need to remember that the election must be won first.

And it's never easy.