Pressure intensifies on the hospital on Sunday as the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic continues in France, according to the latest figures released by Public Health France.

More than 7,500 patients are now treated because of the Covid.

The number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients and patients in critical care continued to increase on Sunday, with more than 7,500 patients in hospital, according to figures from Public Health France.

The number of Covid patients in the hospital is now 7,581, including 312 new hospitalizations in 24 hours, against 7,409 the day before and 6,843 last Sunday.

"Many departments are on the steep slope"

Critical care services, which welcome the most seriously ill, counted 1,139 patients on Sunday (including 69 admissions in 24 hours), against 1,099 on Saturday and 886 a week ago.

This indicator had fallen below the threshold of 1,000 on July 7, before starting to climb slowly.

The number of cases of contamination was not yet published in the early evening.

In an interview with


published this weekend, the Minister of Health qualifies the situation as "very fragile and uncertain". "We do not know how the Delta variant will behave during the summer, at home as with our neighbors. And we observe very strong territorial disparities, in France, concerning the incidence rates and the evolution of the virus. Many departments are on the steep slope, ”he added.