On September 3, 2015, at the military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Fascist War, a veteran passed by the podium and touched countless people. He was Yu Xinyuan.

  Yu Xinyuan was born in a poor family in Jingning County, Gansu Province in 1923. He joined the army at the age of 13 and joined the Party at the age of 14. .

  In 1981, 58-year-old Yu Xinyuan retired.

After retiring, in order to let the next generation not to forget history, Yu Xinyuan dragged his prosthetic limbs and stepped onto a new "battlefield"-to voluntarily teach the party history for all walks of life and care about educating the next generation.

  "To live a day to serve the party, to fulfill the responsibilities of a Communist Party member" Yu Xinyuan said moved.

  For more than 30 years, Yu Xinyuan's footsteps have never stopped.

Even after undergoing two cancer operations, he insisted on going to the lecture hall, giving more than 5,000 lectures from all walks of life, with an audience of 5 million.

He was also invited to serve as an outside counselor for 146 large, middle and elementary schools across the country.

  Nowadays, because of his age, he cannot go out to give reports, and Yu Xinyuan still has not stopped practicing his beliefs.

98-year-old Yu Xinyuan insists on studying the party's policies and principles every day, adhering to the spirit of Lei Feng, and teaching party history and party lessons for party members at home.

  History is constantly flowing, and the spirit is passed on from generation to generation.

Yu Xinyuan has spent nearly a hundred years in fulfilling his duty and mission.

His strong will makes everyone who knows him awe-inspiring, and his perseverance in faith turns into positive energy to inspire everyone who is struggling for the cause of socialism.