A day after Black Saturday, it was busy again on several roads in Europe on Sunday.

There were significant traffic jams in Germany, Italy and France, the ANWB reported.

After 3 p.m., the worst delays on European roads eased.

"It is noticeably busier this Sunday than in previous years. I think people have taken the advice of traffic services to heart to leave on Sunday," said a spokesperson for the ANWB on Saturday afternoon.

In many places where it was busy on Saturday, there was also a traffic jam on Sunday, according to the spokesperson for the ANWB.

It was especially busy south of Munich, Germany.

There was a lot of traffic in both directions on the A8 between Munich and Salzburg, Austria.

"It mainly concerns departing traffic," said the spokesman, referring to the ANWB's prediction that it would be busy on the roads in Germany on Sunday by holidaymakers who are going back home.

Also in Italy on the Brenner Pass on the A22 to Verona there was traffic again.

The A7 between Vienne and Orange in France was also busy, as was the A10 from Tours to Bordeaux.

It was busy early on Sunday

According to the spokesperson for the ANWB, it was remarkably busy early on Sunday.

For example, at 10:00 a.m. there was already a waiting time of two hours for the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland.

"We didn't have that on Saturday."

On Sunday morning, according to the ANWB, it was mostly about departing holiday traffic.

"Sunday afternoon it will probably also be busy with returning holiday traffic."

Black Saturday lived up to its name in France, with 1,090 kilometers of traffic jams on French roads leading to the holiday areas at its peak.

Roads in other European countries were also busy, such as in Germany, at the Gotthard tunnel and in Italy on the A22 from the Brenner Pass to Verona.