The term Sörby Borg is mentioned by the Öland priest Nicholaus Vallinus in his dissertation "Om Öland" 1703. But no clear place for the castle is described, and despite many attempts, the ancient castle has not been found.

It was not until archaeologist Jan-Henrik Fallgren found the castle now.

The probable reason is that you were looking in the wrong place.

The village of Sörby is located just over a mile from the site.

- The land here belonged to Sörby during the 18th century, says Jan-Henrik Fallgren.

Mythical sacrificial site

Fornborgen is located just west of Bredsättra in an area called Kvinnön, which was also an island before Skedemosse began to be dug out 400 years ago. 

- What is special and exciting is that you can see that here there was an ancient castle on a, probably sacred, island in a sacred lake where people sacrificed to the gods for almost 2000 years, says Jan-Henrik Fallgren.

Congratulations from all over the world

When it became known in archaeological circles that Fallgren had found the castle, many were skeptical.

But he had the area examined with ground radar and was able to establish that there are a large number of house foundations radially along the wall - just like in other ancient castles on the island.

The critics were silent. 

- I have received a lot of congratulations from colleagues around Sweden and Scandinavia - and the world in fact, says Jan-Henrik Fallgren. 

- That you can now find a new ancient castle here on the island is sensational in many ways.

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Jan-Henrik Fallgren how he found the bail