At the height of the night, an undeclared rave party brought together around 600 participants in Château-Guibert, Vendée, we learned this Sunday from the prefecture.

The land where the rave takes place "belongs to a logger who tried to intervene in vain" during the installation of the party which began between 8 pm and 11 pm Saturday evening, according to the prefecture of Vendée.

If the rally gathered some 600 people in the middle of the night, "it is estimated that there are now between 300 and 400 people at the end of the morning and that there should be a sound cut in the middle of the afternoon. », According to the same source.

About forty gendarmes are present as well as a team of civil protection rescuers, who also provide antigenic self-tests for Covid-19.

"This gathering exposes all the participants: we call on the spot to respect the sanitary instructions", indicated the sub-prefect Grégory Lecru.


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A hundred revelers take part in a clandestine evening in a forest in Seine-Maritime

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