Absorb the power of forging ahead and cultivate first-class talents

【Hundred Years of Struggle and Set Sail on a New Journey·Keep in mind the original mission and strive for greater glory】

  "A strong country must be a strong army, and a strong army can ensure national security. Our military academies must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of Chairman Xi's important speech on July 1st, understand the truth and strength, absorb the power of advancement, and strive to train first-class military personnel in order to accelerate the modernization of national defense and the military. Provide intellectual support and scientific and technological support." After attending the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Academician Qian Qihu, the winner of the country's highest science and technology award and a national outstanding Communist Party member, shared his experience with the students of the Army University of Engineering.

  The Army Engineering University organized all officers and soldiers to watch the grand ceremony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and listened to Chairman Xi’s important speech.

Everyone deeply felt that military academies education, as the main channel for cultivating strong military talents, must always focus on the main responsibilities and work, prepare for war, and transform the study and implementation of the spirit of Chairman Xi’s important speech on July 1 into the reality of running schools and educating people. Effectiveness.

  The Army Engineering University regards the study and implementation of the "July 1" speech as the primary content of party history learning and education, and makes full use of the red resources of the resident to organize officers and soldiers to Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall, Huaihai Battle Memorial Hall, and Chen Duxiu's former residence to strengthen the original mission.

"As a national defense education and science and technology worker, we must carry forward the great party-building spirit, unswervingly follow the path of strengthening the army with science and technology and with talents, fulfilling the original mission, standing on the three-foot platform, and training more high-quality new military talents." Said Zhang Xiongwei, a deputy to the National People's Congress and a professor at the School of Command and Control Engineering of the Army University of Engineering.

  To learn speeches, understand ideas, and assume missions, the Army Engineering University adopts the theoretical study of the central group of the party committee, the special organization life meeting, and the ideological analysis meeting to organize officers and soldiers to deeply study and implement the spirit of Chairman Xi’s "July 1" important speech. Organize and compile key learning points and the "three entry" plan to promote the spirit of the speech to take root in all aspects of running schools and educating people, and achieve results in implementation.

"Chairman Xi's important speech is very political, ideological, and theoretical. As a political theory teacher, he must earnestly strengthen relevant theoretical research, earnestly study, publicize, and explain the spirit of the speech, and continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of political theory courses." Said Cao Ergang, a professor in the Department of Military and Political Basics at the Training Base of the University of Engineering.

  In early July, the Army Engineering University established 9 working groups, led by the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the school, and went to various units to conduct in-depth investigations, listen to the opinions of officers and soldiers, and understand the difficulties, shortcomings and weaknesses encountered by the grassroots in teaching and training. It is difficult to study and resolve outstanding contradictions and problems that restrict the training of talents.

  In order to promote the precise connection between the supply side and the demand side of talent training, the Army Engineering University also formed a research team to investigate the current situation of the front-line troops, hold discussions and exchanges with military leaders and graduate students, listen to suggestions, and further improve the teaching mode and optimize the teaching content.

  "Academic personnel training should take the military position requirements as the logical starting point, and the ability generation and goal achievement of the trainees as the main design line to continuously improve the effectiveness and pertinence of personnel training." The opinions expressed by Jia Wei, director of the Military Basic Department, resonated with everyone.

  Take root at the grassroots level, pursue dreams and strengthen the army, and go to the places where the motherland needs it most to make contributions.

The 2021 graduates of the Army Engineering University submitted applications one after another, determined to take the front-line troops as the starting point for their careers, and write fiery youth in the unremitting struggle.

(Our reporter Liu Xiaobing, our correspondent Wang Hanfeng, Yun Lixiao)