Thousands of opponents of the German corona policy took to the streets in the capital Berlin on Sunday afternoon.

Protesters ignored a ban on protests and according to local media there was a tense atmosphere.

The Associated Press news agency reported on Sunday evening that about five hundred arrests had been made.

The protesters started in Berlin's Charlottenburg neighborhood and then walked through the Tiergarten park to the famous Brandenburg Gate.

The police threatened several times to use a water cannon.

By the end of the evening, about 500 protesters had been detained.

It is said that during the demonstration there were repeated disturbances.

Protesters chant slogans such as "peace, freedom, no dictatorship".

Authorities had banned several protests registered for this weekend in Berlin.

This included a planned demonstration by action group "Querdenk-711", in which more than 22,000 people would participate.

The police had already counted on some demonstrators to take to the streets anyway and deployed about 2,250 men.

Querdenker is one of the best-known groups that opposes the German corona policy. The movement believes that the measures taken by the government to fight the virus go too far and says it is demonstrating for the restoration of the fundamental rights of German citizens.