Participate in the transportation of gas in a primitive way and imitate brand stickers

A suspect was arrested two years after he and others caused a farm fire

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to one year in prison and deported him after serving his sentence, accusing him, along with others, of imitating forged posters of a government agency concerned with the production of gas cylinders, and filling those cylinders in a way that did not conform to standard specifications, thus endangering people's lives, and then causing them to explode and fire in a palm farm Owned by the heirs of a citizen who used it in their business.

The accused was arrested two years after the crime and referred to the Public Prosecution.

The Dubai Criminal Court confirmed in the merits of its verdict that it established in its certainty the involvement of the accused with others known to have been sentenced, and unknown persons, in the illegal purchase and sale of gas cylinders and transporting them without a license.

She indicated that they rented a farm in the Al-Awir area, bought 112 gas cylinders, and transported them in an unprepared vehicle, then imitated valve packaging labels attributed to an authorized party, and stuck them on empty cylinders, then they embarked on a very dangerous act, which is to transfer gas manually from cylinders they bought from Another emirate, to empty cylinders they prepared for sale in the Emirate of Dubai, but a gas leak occurred during the transfer process, followed by an explosion and then a fire that devoured the palm trees on the farm. of crime. In the police report and the investigations of the Public Prosecution, the accused admitted that he was working in the sale of gas cylinders with others, and that they rented two farms in the Al-Awir area for this purpose, and owned 200 cylinders in them, pointing out that a leak occurred on the day of the incident, followed by a fire and he fled.

The Public Prosecution in Dubai charged the defendants with felony charges of imitating and using the seal of a government mark, transporting flammable materials by a means not intended for that, misdemeanour handling of dangerous materials, cheating, endangering the lives of others, and causing the burning of something owned by others.

• The defendants rented a farm in the Al-Awir area, bought 112 gas cylinders, transported them in an unprepared vehicle, and then copied valve packaging labels attributed to an approved entity.

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