Beijing, August 1st (Reporter Qi Fang) The

Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on the 1st the preliminary list of candidates for the 2021 academician co-election of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a total of 191 candidates have become preliminary candidates.

Among them, 35 people are from the Department of Mathematics and Physics, 29 from the Department of Chemistry, 36 from the Department of Life Sciences and Medicine, 27 from the Department of Earth Sciences, 26 from the Department of Information Technology Science, and 38 from the Department of Technology and Science.

  In this additional election, in addition to publicizing the candidates' names, ages, majors, and work units to the public, the names of recommended academicians or channels of recommendation were also announced to strengthen the academicians’ recommendation responsibilities.

  According to the "Articles of the Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences", in the preliminary election of the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the standing committees of the professional departments organize the academicians with the right to vote in the professional department, and the effective candidates belonging to the professional department will be reviewed and the difference election will be carried out in turn. Propose candidates for preliminary candidates, formal candidates and final candidates.

The Presidium of the Faculty examines and approves the candidates for the final election, and organizes all academicians with the right to vote for equal elections, and newly elected academicians are selected.

The list of newly elected academicians must be reviewed by the Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and reported to the Party Central Committee and the State Council for the record.

  The academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the highest academic title in science and technology established by the country. It is a lifelong honor and is co-opted every two years.

The 2021 co-election of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will begin on January 1, 2021, and the total number of co-elections will be 73.