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  According to news from the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on the afternoon of July 31, the local clustered epidemic caused by overseas imports has spread to many provinces.

As of now, a total of 328 new local confirmed cases have been reported nationwide in July, which is close to the total of the previous five months. 14 provinces including Jiangsu, Hunan, Fujian, and Liaoning have reported new local confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections.

  Currently, the spreading strains are mainly delta mutant strains, with fast spreading speed, fast replication in the body, and a long time to turn overcast, and it is the peak tourist season when a large number of people are flowing. The epidemic prevention and control work is facing huge challenges.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies in various places moved on hearing the order and went down to the front line of the anti-epidemic to carry out in-depth special supervision and inspections, and urged and promoted the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Hunan Province is an important stop in the fight against the epidemic.

From 0 to 24:00 on July 30, there were 6 newly confirmed cases in Hunan and 10 cases of asymptomatic infection, involving Zhangjiajie, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Yiyang and other cities.

  After the outbreak, the Zhuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly established an epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection team to go to the front line and urge relevant local and municipal functional departments to implement epidemic prevention and control measures.

During the 13th Party Congress of Yuanjiang City, Yuanjiang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection urged 578 participating representatives and staff to complete nucleic acid testing. At the same time, it sent 2 special inspection teams for epidemic prevention and control to go to medical institutions in the city to supervise epidemic prevention. Control organization and management and prevention and control of hospital infections.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Changde City insists on accepting letters and visits of the epidemic within 24 hours, and strictly investigates inaction, slow actions, chaotic actions and formal bureaucracy during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The Ningxiang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection pays attention to the needs of people’s livelihood in nucleic acid testing, and urges and coordinates relevant departments to send professional cooling spray machines to the testing site, and add sampling points to the community properties and party branches.

  In the early morning of July 30, Jiangjin District of Chongqing City received 2 reports of positive confirmed cases.

The Jiangjin District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision organized forces to penetrate 14 communities in Shuangfu Sub-district. The “room and local groups” cooperated to supervise flow traceability, implementation of control measures, nucleic acid screening, patient treatment and other key tasks, and investigate and rectify unauthorized resignation and non-accountability. Prominent problems of formalism such as acting, prevaricating, and passive coping.

The Disciplinary Work Committee of Shuangfu Subdistrict fought overnight and found 5 problems in the performance of duties by the functional departments, and supervised the rectification on the spot.

As of 16:00 on the 31st, Shuangfu Street has completed 170,336 nucleic acid samples.

  On July 30, Xiamen City in Fujian Province also discovered the first new local confirmed case in this round of epidemic transmission.

"For the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, we must organize special class staff to strengthen learning and implement them in place." Upon hearing the order, the Siming District Disciplinary Committee and Supervisory Committee randomly checked the work of epidemic prevention and isolation hotels in the jurisdiction, and required the special class personnel to initiate reforms and related functions. The department closely monitors the implementation of rectification and provides timely feedback.

  "We are here to participate in voluntary service. May I ask what tasks can be given to us?" In the evening, Zhou Pan, a cadre of the Siming District Commission for Discipline Inspection, who had just passed the nucleic acid test, came to the revitalization community of Yundang Sub-district. He will supervise the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Colleagues from the Committee’s Youth Volunteer Service Team work together to enrich the grassroots epidemic prevention and control forces.

As the “probe” of the front line of supervision, they will promptly feed back the difficulties of the blockage to the relevant departments to solve the difficulties in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the grassroots level.

  Since the summer vacation, Dalian, Liaoning Province, which is in the peak season for traditional tourism, has welcomed a large wave of tourists to cool off the heat.

In response to the inadequate implementation of prevention and control measures in tourist attractions during this round of the epidemic, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism intensified on-site supervision and inspection, and urged strict regulations on wearing masks, card code double inspection, appointment flow restriction, and ventilation Disinfection and other prevention and control measures; for key personnel such as window, service, cleaning, etc., the nucleic acid test every two weeks will be upgraded to once a week, which will continue until the end of October.

For some confined or poorly ventilated places in scenic spots, it is required to immediately close or suspend the opening, and resolutely eliminate hidden dangers.

  In addition, Dalian's discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels focus on vaccination, continue to strengthen special supervision, and urge all units at all levels to increase publicity and mobilization, take the initiative to provide door-to-door services, and accelerate the construction of immune defense lines.

As of July 26, the city has had a total of 5.688 million vaccinations and 10.956 million doses. The first dose vaccination rate for people over 18 years old has exceeded 86%, and the first dose vaccination rate for people aged 15 to 17 has exceeded 80%.