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  • Aosta, landslide on the state road near La Salle: car hit

  • Bad weather: the local police of Como, 'do not go out'


July 31, 2021 Arpa Piemonte, the regional agency for environmental protection, has issued a yellow alert for thunderstorms. Intense showers, lightning strikes, strong gusts of wind and local hailstorms are expected throughout the day. It is the effect of the large depression area with minimum on Northern Europe, which has conveyed infiltrations of cooler air at high altitude. Showers and thunderstorms are expected on several occasions, particularly intense in the areas north of the Po, extending from the afternoon and into the night throughout the region. According to Arpa, the most intense phenomena may be accompanied by hailstorms and strong gusts of wind.

Liguria, rains and thunderstorms arrive. Storms expected and winds reinforcement

New unstable phase coming to Liguria. In the next few hours, in fact, a disturbance will approach the region, causing heavy showers and thunderstorms from late evening today to mid-day tomorrow. Storm storms are expected on all coasts from Sunday afternoon on the Ponente and from the evening on the Levante center. Arpal has issued the yellow alert for thunderstorms from midnight today until 15 tomorrow on Genoa and the Genoese on the Ligurian Levant and on the Po slopes of Liguria, or behind Genoa and Savona. The alert does not concern the Ligurian West. The disturbance will 'approach' Liguria in the evening. Also noteworthy is the reinforcement of the southern winds, on Sunday, andincrease of the wave motion that will cause storm surges of libecci or along all the coasts tomorrow starting from Ponente. The storms will continue until the early hours of Monday in Levante.

Orange alert for thunderstorms on Milan

Still orange alert (moderate) for hydrogeological risk and strong thunderstorms on the Milan hydraulic node, as confirmed by the Natural Hazards Monitoring Functional Center of the Lombardy Region. The instability is expected to increase in the late afternoon today and especially in the evening, with the transit of disturbances that will complete their passage in the morning of tomorrow, Sunday 1st August. In this phase, thunderstorms will be more likely to be of high intensity with hail and strong gusts of wind. The Municipality of Milan - reads a note - is ready to activate the monitoring of the situation and to intervene if necessary.

In Como red code for hydrogeological risk

The Lombardy Region has issued the weather alert for today with a red code for hydrogeological risk and orange for the risk of strong thunderstorms. The red code (high criticality - early warning level) must be assessed in an already emergency context, with previous events and in an area with fragility in the hydrogeological field. The behaviors that everyone can adopt are essential: citizens are invited to observe simple rules of common sense, such as limiting travel to what is strictly necessary and not hindering the work of rescuers.

Yellow alert for thunderstorms and wind over Emilia Romagna

Yellow destination alert for thunderstorms and wind over Emilia-Romagna, from midnight to tomorrow. Arpae and the regional Civil Protection have arranged it. Tomorrow, it is highlighted in the provision, "starting from the early hours of the morning, favorable conditions are expected for the development of strong thunderstorms, with possible effects and associated damage. The phenomena are expected to be more probable on the western sector of the region. expected - I conclude Arpae and Civil Protection - storm winds along the entire Apennine ridge ".

Yellow code in Tuscany for rain, wind and rough sea

Yellow code, with vigilance, for rain, thunderstorms, wind and rough seas. The bulletin was issued by Soup, the unified operations room of the Tuscan Regional Civil Protection and concerns the night and early morning hours of tomorrow, Sunday 1 August, for the transit of a more active perturbation in the central-northern areas of the region with thunderstorms and strong south-westerly winds. Sparse rainfall with a prevalent downpour or thunderstorm character is expected in the north-west areas, rapidly transferring to the central-northern inland areas. Very isolated rains elsewhere. In addition to rain and thunderstorms in the north-west and north-west areas, hailstorms and strong gusts of wind will also be possible, even on the archipelago north of Capraia. Very rough sea is expected for Sunday,tending to rough in the afternoon, on the northern sectors and offshore.