, July 31. According to a report from the US Chinese website, the dispute over the tax table of former US President Trump has made new progress.

The US Department of Justice announced on the 30th that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must submit Trump's tax forms to Congress.

In the past two years, Democrats in the House of Representatives have been seeking Trump's six-year personal tax returns and some corporate tax returns, but they have been boycotted by government officials and have been blocked in court battles.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  The Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) of the U.S. Department of Justice said on the 30th that Congress is a legal requirement to view Trump's tax forms, and the IRS must hand over this information.

  The head of the OLC and acting Assistant Attorney General Johansson wrote in a 39-page memo: “The regulations involved in this case are clear: If the chairman of one of the three tax committees of Congress makes a written request, the Minister (Ministry of Finance) shall request the The committee provides the required tax information."

  Since 2019, the Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee has been seeking Trump’s tax forms to find out whether Trump has an undisclosed conflict of interest, and even summoned officials such as former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the summer of 2020, overturning the lower court’s decision to support Democrats in the House of Representatives and temporarily preventing the Fundraising Committee from obtaining Trump’s tax returns.

Konsovoy, then Trump's lawyer, said in a document submitted to the court: "This is a major conflict of power separation between the president and Congress."

  On the same day that the US Department of Justice issued this memo, the fundraising committee is about to file the latest lawsuit filed by Trump's tax forms.

The committee and the Biden administration have been discussing the case for several months and stated in a document submitted earlier in July that they will inform the court before July 30 whether an agreement has been reached.

  Previously, as the candidate and president of the United States, Trump broke the precedent of the past few decades by refusing to voluntarily publish his tax returns.