Seeing them again on the front line of fighting floods

  ——A glimpse of the vast number of veterans across the country supporting the flood fighting in Henan

  "Who is the hero who saved 5 people in a row?" On July 20, a video was posted on the WeChat circle of friends of Zhengzhou, Henan, and everyone was asking the same question.

  On that day, the continuous heavy rainfall caused serious water accumulation in the Zhengzhou North Jingguang Road Tunnel. Some vehicles were spinning around in the water, and some people were involved in the flood and were about to sink.

Upon seeing this, a man braved the rain to swim towards the trapped persons, and rescued 5 people.

Some people filmed this rescue video, which moved countless netizens after it was posted on the Internet.

After many searches, everyone knew that the rescuer was a 45-year-old ride-hailing driver Yang Junkui who had served in a special brigade.

  "Who is the hero who saves people?" "It's a retired soldier!"...Since the continuous heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan, similar news has been swiped many times, and the results of tracing have been directed to the same group-retired soldiers.

  Zhao Zimo, a veteran who served in the "Flying Tiger Brigade" of the 83rd Army, traveled with friends in Luoyang. On July 21, after seeing the news of the old troops participating in disaster relief through the Internet, he immediately had an idea: to find the old troops to participate in the flood fight.

He drove to find a brigade of the 83rd Army that was involved in the disaster relief and applied to join the disaster relief ranks. After the mission, he moved to Weihui City and followed another force to transfer the victims.

  It was learned that many parts of Henan were affected by disasters and people were trapped. Many veterans made the same choice as Zhao Zimo.

  On July 22, a veteran in Fengqiu County, Henan Province issued an initiative to participate in the rescue in the WeChat group. 15 comrades responded immediately, and related relief supplies were quickly raised.

On the Xinxiang Expressway, because the water was too deep for cars to pass, they took a military vehicle to the front line of the flood fighting, carrying sandbags on their backs and rushing to the river embankment.

  The rescue team of retired soldiers in Shandong is here, the volunteer service team of retired soldiers in Gaobeidian, Hebei, and the "Volunteer Service Team of Zhang Fuqing Veterans" of Hubei Zhanyou Group... To the front line of flood fighting.

  "When I retired, I participated in the flood fighting and worked and contributed money. What is it?" Whenever he heard similar questions, Zhao Zimo would answer: "Although the military uniform on his body is taken off, the military uniform in his heart is still'worn'. ."

  Although the military uniform is taken off, the mission has not been forgotten.

Many veterans who participated in flood fighting and rescue told reporters that as veterans, the consciousness of serving the people wholeheartedly has been carved into their bones and blood. When the country and the people need it, they will rush forward like a conditioned reflex, and there is no time to consider the gains and losses of their interests and personal safety.

  On July 20, when Wu Tong, a retired soldier of the Henan Armed Police Corps, drove his private car past Zhengzhou Yinggang subway station, he saw two girls hugging a tree in the torrent. The water was waist-deep, and he was in danger of dropping his hands and falling into the water at any time.

Wu Tong immediately slammed on the gas pedal and rescued the two of them into the car, but the car was washed away by a big wave, but fortunately, it was blocked by a beam in the middle of the road.

He got out of the car in time to call the surrounding people for help, and transferred the two girls to a safe area, but his car had to be abandoned in the water.

The crowd on the side felt sorry for him, but Wu Tong, who was soaked all over his body, waved his hand and said, "If people are saved, let's not talk about cars!"

  In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Zhang Guosuo, a veteran who runs a restaurant, made several pots of dishes with all the ingredients in the refrigerator, so that the rescuers could eat hot meals; many passengers were trapped in the train carriages of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5. The veteran Zhang Bingyang held an emergency axe. They opened the rescue channel; Guo Zhenghai, Shi Yang and Zheng Pengbin, retired soldiers from a brigade of the 83rd Group Army, purchased rescue materials and sent them to the front line of the old army to fight the flood, and took the initiative to participate in the mission...

  These scenes took place at various points on the front line of flood fighting. Many veterans are using practical actions to contribute to the fight against floods.

  When the flood fighting came to an end, veterans from all over the country packed their bags and returned to their jobs one after another.

Zhao Zimo followed a certain brigade of the 83rd Army to participate in flood relief for many consecutive days, and forged a deep friendship with Sergeant Ma Yiwei.

  "What can I give him?" At the time of parting, Ma Yiwei thought about going, and after asking the leader for instructions, he decided to give Zhao Zimo the banner of "The 83 Army is coming" on the transport truck, which was full of deep meaning. ——

  When the flood came and the masses were trapped, the active officers and soldiers of the 83rd Army came, and the retired soldiers of the 83rd Army also came...

Zhou Yuan