When Ilta-Sanomat, late late Saturday night in Japanese time, reached Daniel Ståhl's mother Tuula Ståhl (address: Laakso) from the Stockholm suburb of Järfalla, it was not unclear that something big had happened.

The text came from an ecstatic mother so good when she had time to throw the question here and there.

- I'm going too fast, even though I haven't even figured out what's happened yet.

The man is sitting in that armchair and is quite quiet.

There is obviously even more in the yard than I did, Turku-born Tuula Ståhl laughed.

Daniel Ståhl was a big pre-race favorite that lasted, and the couple had acquired a new television during their son’s most important race in their career.

- Jan had gotten all the wires tuned in, but then I cleaned up the back of the TV and he was horrified if I went to mess everything up, said Tuula Ståhl, who was still waiting for her son to call from Japan.

- After the qualifier, Daniel called and was really calm.

Although the second throw (68.90, final winning result) was so long, I did not dare to start rejoicing until all the throws were made.

Simon (Pettersson) silver was still a great bonus.

Tuula Ståhl once threw in Finland and Sweden after changing the puck with good national success.

Daniel Ståhl's father Jan Ståhl, on the other hand, has been involved in gymnastics for his age.

From these snacks grew a man who, now 28 years old, still a young discus thrower, is the reigning world champion and Olympic champion.

- When Daniel lost really little in London World Cup Gold 2017 and Berlin European Championship Gold 2018 (winner both times by Lithuanian Andrius Gudzius), it seemed a big disappointment.

Mom saw the defeat in the black clouds with a silver border:

- That's how it had to go.

When Daniel was younger, Daniel was in need of hard training.

If success had come right away, know even if he was lazy and put the job to himself.

The Olympic winner lives in the Stockholm area with his parents, but has his own apartment at his coach Vesteinn Hafsteinsson's base in Växjö.

Ståhl is known to speak good Finnish and is proud of his roots.

It is downright annoying to Swedish colleagues that in front of them, a short-spoken and quite prepared giant becomes even more of a great humorist and verbalist in front of Finnish journalists.

- Daniel is very proud to represent Sweden, but he also loves Finland and Finns.

He has a lot of good friends in the Finnish team, such as Kortteen Annimari and Raitanen Topi.

Daniel Ståhl (right) and Simon Pettersson celebrate the Swedish double puck winning victory.

Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / Lehtikuva

The mother says that when the boy was competing in Kuortane this summer, he fell in love with Finland even more.

Due to the coronation situation, the athletes, according to their mother, received pre-packaged portions at Kuortane Sports College and could not riot with the canteen’s famous and popular buffet.

Daniel Ståhl's energy needs are such that the solution was not particularly in the minds of the member.

- The kitchen staff who peeled like Daniel very much.

They had then asked if Daniel could handle a few free tickets to the race.

The race organizer took care of it, and Daniel got his prize for it.

Mom soon received a happy call:

- Daniel was crying with joy when he said that the hostess had promised him ten potatoes for each serving of thanks to the tickets, Taina Ståhl laughs.

The energies brought the puck to the runway on Kuortane on June 26, which only ended at 70.55 meters.