China News Service, July 31. According to the "Central News Agency" report, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan said on the 30th that because of improper temperature management of the refrigerator storing the new crown vaccine, 1,644 doses of Modena vaccine were forced to be scrapped.

Data map: A truck equipped with a screen for preventive measures against the new crown virus drives past Shibuya intersection in Tokyo.

  Earlier in June, the refrigerator at Kansai University in Japan failed to keep the vaccine, causing the temperature to exceed the upper limit of vaccine storage, and a total of 2,510 doses of Modena vaccine were scrapped.

  The Tokyo Metropolitan Government stated that the scrapped vaccines were the Modena vaccine originally scheduled to be used at the mass vaccination venue on the 30th.

When the pharmacist confirmed the temperature of the refrigerator storing more than 2,000 doses of vaccine, he found that it was significantly higher than the originally set 3 degrees Celsius.

  If the refrigerator temperature exceeds 9 degrees Celsius, the vaccine lifetime is shortened to less than 12 hours.

Therefore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government continued to vaccinate the people with vaccines that were about to expire on the 30th, but in the end there were still 1,644 doses that had expired and had to be discarded.

  The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is investigating the cause of the temperature increase in the refrigerator, saying that it is introspecting that a large number of scraps have occurred in the case of insufficient vaccines. Next, it will also send additional manpower to check the temperature of the refrigerator at night to try to prevent similar situations from happening again.