The heartwarming story of a founder who succeeded in developing a 'robot suit' that can be used instead of a wheelchair was delivered.

On the 28th local time, foreign media such as Reuters in the UK reported the story of the founder, Jean-Louis Constanza, who succeeded in developing a robot suit, a wearable robot equipment.

One day, his son, Oscar-kun, who suffers from a congenital neurological disorder in the lower extremities, asked Jean-Louis, "My dad is a robot engineer, so why don't you try making a robot that allows people like me to walk?"

At the end of the chapter son Louis said, and then determined to create a robot to walk his son was sold for development.

After that, Jean Rui established a robot startup company with co-founders, and succeeded in developing an initial model of a robot suit in 2017 after several clinical trials.

After that, it succeeded in commercialization and is currently supplying robot suits to hospitals in France, the United States, and Luxembourg.

The robot suit developed by Jean-Louis is a clothing-type device for people who have permanent movement disorders due to traffic accidents, neurological diseases, and osteoporosis.

This is a method that allows you to move the suit and walk with only a remote control or voice command after wearing it.

“Because of the weight of about 50 kg, it has been used only as a rehabilitation equipment for hospitals, but the goal is to make the robot suit lighter in weight so that it can be worn at home,” said Zhang. It will decrease,” he said with hopeful aspirations.

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(Photo = 'reuters' homepage capture, 'Jean-Louis Constanza' · 'Wandercraft' Facebook)