A babysitter who looked after a man in his 30s in the United States after he died of brain damage has been charged with murder.

According to foreign media such as NBC on the 27th local time, his former babysitter was arrested as the culprit for killing Benjamin Dolling, who died at the age of 35 in 2019.

Thirty-seven years ago, Mr. Dolling's parents, who lived in Hollywood, Florida, hired 22-year-old Terry McCutch as their babysitter.

At the time, Mr. Dolling was a five-month-old baby.

But one day, the baby, who was alone with McCutch, developed severe brain hemorrhage.

I was rushed to the hospital, but I was diagnosed with brain damage, which meant that I would have to live with mental and physical disabilities for the rest of my life.

McCutch said that "the baby fell off the sofa and hit his head on the floor," but the medical staff analyzed that "someone shook his body violently, which appears to have caused a brain hemorrhage."

As a result, McCutchen was put on trial for attempted murder and special child abuse a year later in 1985.

After Mr. Dolling, who had been living with a serious disability for over 30 years, eventually died from brain damage, prosecutors re-indicted McCutchen on first-degree murder charges.

Because he believed there was medical evidence to prove that McCutch's allegations of abuse were the direct cause of Mr. Dolling's death.

Police tracked and arrested 59-year-old McCutch, who was living in Texas after leaving Florida.

Prosecutors said, "It is not certain how McCutch was freed from the 1985 trial, but it is highly likely that the medical technology at the time could not sufficiently prove McCutch's abusive behavior." As medical technology advances, it may be easier to prove McCutch's murder charges."

Dolling's parents said, "Benjamin hasn't improved at all since he was five months old. He hasn't been able to move on his own all his life, he hasn't even spoken to us. He's never had ice cream or a hamburger."

He continued, "For 35 years, the lives of Benjamin and my family have completely changed. Justice is needed for Benjamin."

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