Last year, the average annual salary of its employees exceeded 100 million won, and the Korea Securities Depository is called the workplace of God.

What happened in 2016 and 2017 with the so-called special (special supply) at this company, which has been criticized for exclusively handling securities depository business and running a swim-on business, is surprising, embarrassing, and even bittersweet.

In June 2016, employees A and B of the Korea Securities Depository (hereinafter referred to as Yegyeolwon) won an apartment near Busan City Hall, right across from Busan City Hall.

It was through a special attack system to help stabilize the housing of Yegyeolwon employees who moved to Busan at the end of 2014.

At that time, the average competition rate for general subscription was counted as 138 to 1, and it is known that the special attack rate of previous agencies is usually 1/10 to 1/20 of the average competition rate.

Yegyeolwon employee easily won by special attack on apartment with 'competition ratio of 138 to 1'

Here, a brief explanation of Mr. A and Mr. B is needed to understand the content later.

A, who married an in-house employee a month before winning the special offer, did not register the marriage at the time.

After marriage, the company was provided with a house provided by the company and the company was urging the company to report the marriage.

It is known that at the time of winning, Mr. B was a new employee who joined the Busan local talent selection process and was living with his parents in Busan.

The special attack was introduced so that employees of public institutions who were virtually forcibly relocated to the provinces could easily purchase an apartment for housing stability.

Considering the purpose of the system, these are people who do not need special attacks.

Confirmation of special attack sale with documents taken without permission of the president's seal

However, the weak special attack system did not limit their qualifications.

The problem was in the process of winning the special attack and finalizing the sale.

When selling an apartment, if you submit an application as a special attack qualification from a previous institution and win, you must submit the qualification confirmation issued by the company to the business to confirm the sale.

Typical requirements for eligibility parties that belong to the department prior to fat, less won the past of the family suicide there (

two if the person who received the commando of the person who is legally a family, according to the Ministry of Land Others commando qualification No

), etc., but

Cha Min-cheol

, a

lawyer at the law firm




"In view of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport regulations, it seems that the head of the agency has been given the right to examine the actual qualifications."

This means that the authority over whether or not to issue a certificate of qualification rests with the head of the institution.

However, A and B did not formally request the company to issue a certificate of qualification.

A sample of the confirmation letter can be easily found on the Internet. After downloading and writing it, the

seal of the president Ye Gyeol-won was arbitrarily taken and submitted

by the

company's general affairs department


Naturally, their names were not on the list of persons who were normally issued confirmations by the company, that is, in the confirmation ledger.

"Possibility of forgery of private documents and applicable events"...No accusation, no cancellation of special attack

Regarding their actions, lawyer Min-cheol Cha



It seems that the president's seal was sealed without legitimate authority, so it is likely to be a forgery of private documents and a counterfeit private document event


" There is a possibility that it may be subject to obstruction of business


The actions of A and B, who may be criminals, were revealed only one year after winning the apartment.

It is in the process of comparing the list of winners of the special attack and the book of confirmation issued by Ye-gyeolwon at the request of the city of Busan.

However, the special attack was not canceled, and the two were not criminally charged.

It was not reported to the government departments operating special attack systems such as local governments.

The possibility of direct application needs to be reviewed as the employees issued the confirmation letter without permission, but the

Ministry of Land




Transport stipulates that 'If the confirmation of the subject of special attack is false, the local government head may restrict the special attack on the employees of the institution'.

If the actions of the two men were reported to the local government, it would have been impossible for Yegyeolwon employees to receive special attacks in the area in the future.

"It is clear that the issuance of the confirmation letter was refused" ... but only reprimands and warnings

In response to this, Yekyungwon said, "It is judged that there was no intentional action, so it is judged that the accusation was not taken." "The fact of the discovery was communicated to the business, but we had already paid the down payment and part of the payment, so we said that we should proceed without canceling the winning." do. As for the reason for not contacting the local government, he added, "I don't think I felt the need to contact the local government because the matter related to the special attack was a problem with the business."

Although it is a Yegyeolwon who has won a popular apartment from the staff by exposing the management of the perforated seal and the poor confirmation issuance system, the fact that the case of the two people was discovered and uploaded to the Personnel Committee (disciplinary committee) itself is worthy of evaluation. However, the punishment for the two men was the lowest measure, a rebuke, and a lower warning of the state.

If the special attack was held in the hands of an act that was close to the crime, personnel should be greeted in the direction of further enhancing the purpose of the special attack, but Mr. A and Mr. B were assigned to Seoul early last year.

Still, it seems that the will to take strict measures against them was expressed at the beginning of the personnel committee. A and B claimed, "They did not know the procedure for issuing the confirmation certificate properly, and it was not intentional." However, one personnel member said,

"(The two people's actions) were actually a case of forging a private document," and


"It will be difficult to conclude with a simple reprimand or warning



In the disciplinary report, Yekyulwon said,

"It is clear that the issuance of the confirmation letter would have been refused if the party had known of the fact of the offer."

He also wrote

It is interpreted to the effect that the two were not able to receive the special attack because they did not meet the purpose of the special attack.

Person A who delayed marriage registration and won a special prize with documents issued without permission

In particular, criticism was more focused on Mr. A, who had been in the company for more than 6 years and had experience working in a department that manages external document management, etc.

Mr. A revealed in the company investigation that he had heard of the procedure for issuing a confirmation letter from his spouse, who had previously received

special attacks. I think I was fully aware of it,”

he said.

As mentioned above,

if there is one person in the family who legally won the special attack, the other person will not be eligible for the special attack.

There were more reasons for criticism or suspicion against Mr. A.


member of the Personnel Management Committee in charge of HR said,

"(A) was in a situation where (the company) was constantly pushing for marriage registration after getting married



But that Mr. A attended the insawi explain that "it was not a thing for postpone the marriage thing because of personal reasons not commando qualified maintenance", the Human Resources Committee is

Mr. of at least A, if passed the received verification from the company, "Mr. A In this case, it is judged that the screen was possible


Profit of 500 million won from a special apartment in the midst of punitive punishment


"I worked together in the past

, but

I don't think I did it intentionally"


"There is a lot to contribute to the company, so it is necessary to reduce the amount based on the extenuating circumstances of the reward and punishment clause"


"The social impact that will be caused if it is known to the outside is politically correct


It is necessary to consider"


"the company's painting management was also a problem"

, and the measures against A and B ended with reprimands and warnings.

At that time, the HR committee consisted of 14 people, and there were 13 employees at the Yegyeolwon.

It is known that Mr. A sold his apartment at the end of 2019, just before being issued in Seoul, and it seems that he made a profit of more than 100 million won.

Since the move-in began in December 2019 in the apartment that A and B received, it is likely that A has never lived in the apartment for sale, or the period of actual residence is very short.


is known that the family of Mr. B,

who was also assigned to Seoul,

is currently living in the apartment, and the current market price has risen by up to 500 million won compared to the sale price.

A special task force investigation without progress amid opposition from the Democratic Party

Yekyulwon said, "We took disciplinary action quickly to take preemptive measures," "I do not think the discipline is weak." We have strengthened the rules for managing the president's painting," he said.

In response,

Kwon Eun-hee, floor leader of the People's Party

, said,



a typical expression of the organizational culture of protecting one's family members even though it

is a







I think that cases like Yegyeolwon are rampant."

He said,

"The National Assembly should review the special attack system in general, and make necessary system improvements and request for investigation into illegal acts



Last May, when public opinion was stirred by the so-called Gwanpyeongwon incident, the three opposition parties, the People's Power, Justice Party, and People's Party, demanded the National Assembly's investigation into the general attack on special attacks in Sejong City. It is unusual for parties with different ideological colors and parties with differing opinions on affiliation, etc. to have one voice. To that extent, it can be said that the public's criticism of the special attack is contained, and the National Assembly investigation has not yet taken a step against the de facto opposition of the Democratic Party, which occupies a majority of the seats in the National Assembly.