A 'Caecilian', a primitive amphibian that has lived since the age of the dinosaurs, has been found alive on the mainland of the United States.

On the 28th local time, the Florida Museum of Natural History announced that an immortal immortal was discovered in the Miami Canal in southern Florida.

Immortal Eternal, meaning 'eternity without feet', is known to have lived on Earth since the time of dinosaurs, and is called a 'living fossil' that holds the secret of amphibious evolution.

In 2019, a similar-looking samurai eternity was found dead near this discovery area, but this is the first time it has been found alive.

It is said that the discovery of the Immortal Eternal was discovered by chance by an official from the Florida State Wildlife Service, about 1.6 km from Miami International Park.

According to the museum, the genetic analysis revealed that this immortal was the Rio Coca Eternal that lived mainly in Colombia and Venezuela in northern South America.

Therefore, attention was focused on the background of how the immortal eternals, distributed mainly in Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, were discovered in the mainland of the United States.

There is also the possibility that the Immortals landed accidentally by land or sea, but amphibians cannot live in the sea, so experts are paying attention to the possibility that the Immortals may have been raised as companion animals and then thrown away.

If you look at the head side of the Infinite Eternal, there are traces of degenerated eyes, and although his eyesight has almost declined, the sensory organs on the side of the head have been developed so that he can hunt small animals.

However, the Florida Department of Wildlife Conservation said, "The immortals are members of an ecosystem and are not dangerous to humans."

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(Photo=Florida Museum of Natural History website)