“American liquefied gas companies will never lose interest in Europe and the ability to supply their products there.

This is absolutely understandable, despite the higher prices and European interest in this.

Therefore, they will do everything possible to prevent cheaper and more competitive products from Russia to Europe, ”said the deputy.

He specified that, in his opinion, there are European companies that are interested in cooperation with the Americans.

“Therefore, there will still be a large number of different politicians, officials who support this line, because they receive money for lobbying these American programs.

This is understandable, obvious.

We understand that it was and will be in the future.

And they do it more and more, without hesitation.

Economic struggle, ”the politician added.

The MP believes that in spite of this, it is not profitable for most European countries to buy American liquefied gas.

“They will buy our gas.

Which is cheaper, the logistics are much more understandable and the interest and participation of European companies in this project exists, ”Chepa assured.

Former Danish Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen called for turning Nord Stream 2 into a Pyrrhic victory for Moscow.

He stated that it is necessary to complete the construction of a gas pipeline from Norway to Poland as soon as possible in order to reduce the threat of dependence on Russian gas, and suggested purchasing American liquefied gas as an alternative.