The harsh environment of the Tokyo Olympic Athletes' Village has been told many times.

However, IOC Chairman Thomas Bach is known to be living a luxurious life in a luxury hotel in Tokyo, causing controversy.

A Japanese media reported that 'Chairman Bach is currently staying in a luxury hotel suite in central Tokyo' and criticized 'The Tokyo Olympics seem to be turning into a playground for the IOC aristocrats'.

It is said that the room where Chairman Bach stays is worth 2.5 million yen per night and 25 million won in our money, but it is said that all the furniture was brought in and the cook was also invited from abroad.

According to IOC regulations, the upper limit that Bach has to pay is 44,000 yen or 440,000 won per night, and it is known that the Japanese side is paying the rest of the amount, which is raising public outrage among Japanese people.

In fact, the players are enduring each day in the poor athletes' village, but problems such as the cardboard bed that caused controversy even before the start, the toilet that do not fit the western body type, and the insufficient laundry room to leave the laundry and wait in line for over an hour are on the cutting board every day. .