(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) South African scholars: oppose the politicization, stigmatization and ideology of virus traceability

  China News Service, Johannesburg, July 30 (Reporter Wang Xi) On July 29, local time in South Africa, Mamo Muchi, a professor at Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa and a senior researcher at the Center for Technology, Management and Development at Oxford University in the UK, was in the mainstream in South Africa. The media published a review article entitled "Reflections on the New Coronary Epidemic", opposing the politicization, stigmatization, and ideology of virus traceability.

  Mamo Mucci pointed out that the source of the virus should be traced scientifically rather than politically.

Virus traceability is a scientific issue, and it should not be politicized, stigmatized, or ideological.

Scientists around the world should work closely together to find the true origin of the new coronavirus.

At the same time, all countries should work closely together and shoulder more responsibilities to their citizens and the world.

“If we have to blame certain people or certain countries for the losses during the epidemic, it should be those individuals or countries that don’t care about their own people and have not taken correct actions to contain the spread of the virus, rather than blaming those countries where the virus originated.”

  Mamo Mucci also stated that vaccine nationalism and competition are another problem in the fight against the epidemic.

No country that needs a vaccine should be left behind, nor should anyone be forgotten who is waiting to be vaccinated.

Otherwise, the global anti-epidemic efforts will be undermined, and the epidemic will never end.

  The South African National Television website also recently published a commentary by the former political editor Markui, asking Western politicians to stop interfering in the source of the virus and allowing scientists to conduct research on the source without hindrance.

  Markuy pointed out that as the Biden administration asked the intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the virus, people have reason to worry that the United States is imposing political differences between China and the United States on the origin and politicizing it.

Now is not the time to pose politically and dictate, but to use wisdom to ensure that we gather scientific evidence.

  Markui said that the source of the virus is very complicated, and there is no evidence that the virus originated from the Wuhan laboratory.

And more and more studies have shown that before the outbreak in Wuhan, people in Europe and America had found similar symptoms.

Viruses know no borders. As a responsible scientist, they should maintain a cooperative, fair, open, and transparent attitude in their traceability work, and "require science and do not blame."

  Markui emphasized that scientists should now speak, and politicians should listen.

The epidemic is still raging and spreading, and people eagerly hope that some powerful politicians, especially those in Washington, can allow the World Health Organization to continue its work unhindered.