Chinanews, July 30th, a comprehensive report, on the 29th local time, the British Public Health Agency of England issued a report showing that as of July 23, the new crown vaccination has helped England and avoided more than 22 million new crown infection cases. And 60,000 related deaths.

The picture shows the local time July 19, 2021, London, England, England ushered in the "Unblocking Day", people partying in the nightclub.

  According to reports, the report pointed out that the number of new crown infections and deaths that vaccination has helped to avoid is about twice the number assessed two weeks ago.

As of July 9, these two data are about 11 million and 37,000 cases respectively.

  England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan said, “This is indeed a huge victory for us.” “The purpose of the vaccine is first to prevent deaths, and secondly to reduce the number of hospitalizations.” Statistics show that the vaccination has helped avoid about 52,600 hospitalizations.

But Jonathan also warned that there may still be "one or two bumpy periods" in the autumn and winter in the future.

  As of July 28, more than 70% of adults in the UK have completed two doses of vaccination.

British Health Secretary Javid said that the progress made in the vaccination program is hard-won, which helps to better protect the local population. Those who have not been vaccinated should get vaccinated as soon as possible.