Protecting military laboratories with major suspicions, U.S. double standards violate human bottom line

  ◎Reviewer of this newspaper

  Netizens requesting to investigate Fort Detrick in the US military’s P4 biological laboratory have signed more than 10 million.

  The voice of millions of people is based on facts--

  First, the founding history of Fort Detrick has fascist genes.

War criminals such as Shiro Ishii of Unit 731 in Japan were not tried after the war. It was precisely because the United States exchanged their freedom for bloody human experiments including "Anthracnose Experiment Report", "Meijiro Experiment Report", and "Pestella Experiment Report". material.

On the cover of these reports, the clear words "Fort Detrick Base Biological Warfare Laboratory in Maryland," were printed on the cover, which became an ironclad proof that Fort Detrick had a fascist gene.

  Second, Fort Detrick has a conviction.

As early as 1989, monkeys carrying the new Ebola virus entered Fort Detrick. Due to the negligence of the researchers, the virus leaked, causing local people to panic.

Similar accidents have occurred many times, and deadly pathogens such as anthrax have also been leaked.

  Third, and most worthy of investigation, the closing time of Fort Detrick was too coincidental.

In July 2019, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered the temporary closure of Fort Detrick.

Also in July 2019, unexplained respiratory diseases began to appear in northern Virginia (I searched the map and saw that northern Virginia is connected to Maryland, the home of Fort Detrick).

After this, unknown pneumonia occurred in Wuhan at the end of December 2019 and the pathogen was identified.

  The U.S. brazenly defended its suspicious military P4 biological laboratory, but after the World Health Organization expert team visited the P4 laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, and concluded that the laboratory leaked the new coronavirus is extremely unlikely, it still manipulated it. Promote a second investigation of China.

  Such "double standards" are the usual tactics used by the United States to ramp up the international community.

  The United States has repeatedly implemented "double standards" in the economic, political, and military fields: the United States launched a "non-performing asset relief program" for domestic companies, but filed a lawsuit against the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the grounds that the EU provided illegal subsidies to Airbus; The law-enforcement American police beautify as heroes, but they support the Hong Kong riots and slander the Hong Kong SAR government and the police for "abusive violence"; the US military expenditure is as high as 649 billion U.S. dollars, but they regard the normal military development of China and Russia as a "threat"...

  These "double standards" in the past are either aimed at an economic and political entity to seize benefits, or against its "imaginary enemy" to form a trend of exclusion and suppression, and the United States' "double standards" on the traceability of the new crown virus are even more outrageous because it opposes it. It is no longer a specific group, but all humanity.

  Hindering mankind’s knowledge of the source of the new crown virus will prevent mankind from fundamentally blocking the new crown epidemic, and will also disregard the lives and health of all mankind including the American people.

The United States obstructs scientific tracing, implements "double standards," and protects military laboratories with major suspicions. The United States is violating the bottom line of mankind.