China News Service, July 30. According to the US "Overseas News" report, the expansion project of Ode Yale Park in Los Angeles Chinatown was completed a few days ago. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the 29th. Representatives of Chinese people in Chinatown said that the completion of the project has reached nearby residents. A wish for many years.

This exquisitely designed park highlights Chinese cultural characteristics and adds another cultural landscape to Chinatown.

  The Ord and Yale Park in Chinatown is built next to the Chinatown Library. It cleverly uses the local topography. It is divided into three levels, a "paradise garden" and a "bamboo garden". A ramp of 147 steps.

The fences and buildings of the entire park are in red, which symbolizes auspiciousness and celebration in Chinese culture. The entrance of the park is also carved with the two characters "Welcome" in Chinese.

  Officials attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony said that the park can be used for local residents to exercise, play, and hold cultural activities.

Gary Lee Moore, an engineer from the Los Angeles City Council, said that this is a one-acre park where people can play, have picnics, and hold entertainment activities.

Wu Jingqun, chief executive of Chinatown Service Center, said that the construction of the park has been in preparation for many years and cost 11 million U.S. dollars.

He said that this is a very good project, and residents of Chinatown can come here to exercise and exercise.

  Los Angeles City Councillor Gil Cedillo presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the day. When he was interviewed, he said that the construction of the park took 10 years and was finally completed today. He was excited about it.

  Luo Dongfeng Lion Dance Troupe performed a lion dance on the spot to help the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

(Qiu Chen)