During the summer, it has so far been the most hours of sunshine in Luleå.

Up to and including 23 July, Luleå has had 386 hours of sunshine.

After that comes the Swedish mounds located in the Stockholm archipelago.

In third place we find Umeå.

But Luleå is not the only place in Norrbotten with a lot of sun.

In 13th place is Kiruna and in 18th place is Tarfala.

Here you can see and follow the entire solar league.

SMHI warns of forest fires

However, the sunny weather makes the fields very dry and SMHI warns of the risk of forest fires.

These warnings apply to the hinterland and Norrbotten's coastal land.

However, the risk is expected to decrease in connection with Friday afternoon showers. After several hot days in the county, it is now expected to be more chilly and wet.