A 25 meter high hill in Hyde Park in London has opened to the public.

The artificial mountain, Marble Arch Mound, cost £ 2 million and offers views of Hyde Park and Mayfair.

For those who are prepared to climb the mountain, entry costs from 4 to 8 pounds.

- You have to give people a reason to come to an area, says responsible local politician Melvyn Caplan.

- They no longer only come to Oxford Street for the shops.

People are interested in experiences and destinations.

The hope is that the artificial mountain is such a type of experience that will attract people to the area in the West End, and provide the opportunity for very divisible Instagram moments.

However, the project has aroused a wave of criticism.

On social media, people have complained about the ticket prices and called Marble Arch Mound a "spotted hill" and a "big pile of mud".