Afternoon of contrasts which was experienced yesterday after the announcement of limiting tourist homes to ground

floor and first floors

by the Madrid City Council. On the one hand, the satisfaction of the neighbors, who see in this measure "

an improvement if compared to the current situation

", as long as "the agreement is fulfilled." On the other side, those affected: vacation home owners who, without the authorization of the Community of Madrid and without the municipal license,

will not be able to carry out their activity

on higher floors


The objective of these new measures, according to sources in the Urban Planning area, is to improve the lives of the neighbors and their safety. Also to "surface this activity" which, at present,

takes place outside the law

. The Consistory itself calculates that 98% of the almost 14,000 tourist homes in the capital

are "illegal"

according to the current Special Accommodation Plan (PEH), promoted by the Government of Carmena, mainly because it forced these properties to

have access independent

, "something almost impossible".

From now on it will no longer be necessary for such independent access to exist, but without the required documentation many of these homes have been left out of the game.

"Almost no home has a municipal license"

, slide from Aloja Madrid, an association of individuals, managers and owners of vacation rentals that has more than 4,000 homes for tourist use in the Community of Madrid. They admit that this regulation has caught them "with a different foot since it was not even on the agenda."

"It is not a scientific decision.

It is not contrasted by data that the ground floor and the first floor bother less

than the fourth or fifth floor. Walking through Lavapiés I saw that people from the ground floor are taking their chairs out onto the street. That can also generate

problems of noise, of coexistence, of schedules

... ", reasons Adolfo Merás, president of Aloja Madrid, visibly saddened but very forceful in his words.

"Lacks common sense"

This decision has seated them like a jug of cold water since of all their holiday apartments,

none of them meet the requirements of

the new regulations. "There are very few people who have low and first. We are doing a survey to find out the exact number. If it is as they say,

why have we stopped voting for Carmena to vote for Citizens

? We will have to go to trial again, to the Supreme Court. ... It seems outrageous to us that these people continue with Carmena's illegalizing and prohibitionist spirit for homes that were not illegal at the time. They take them off the market so that others can come to replace them ... They

lack common sense

and the least logic ", emphasizes Merás.

This president senses that

low and first inflation

could be created

and he wonders if "is this the urbanism we want for Madrid?". "Only 3.5% of residents consider vacation rental a problem. What a country," he argues, disappointed, and concludes by putting a series of data on the table.

The latest Eurostat report speaks of

8.3 million nights booked in holiday homes in Madrid

in 2019 -in the

top 5

of this ranking only behind Paris, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Lisbon-, which means "1,800 million euros "According to this president:"

Madrid is not there to throw away that money,

nor are we to tell the more than 13,000 workers that there may be that they have to go to unemployment. "

"These houses are a problem"

For their part, Madrid residents do not look down on these new measures. "If the agreement is that tourist flats will be allowed only on first and ground floors, it

is a substantial improvement compared to what there is at the moment

. Although it is not legal, they are everywhere. Right now we live in a situation of extreme illegality. It would be progress as

long as it is complied with

, because let us remember that the previous regulations [that of Carmena] have not been fulfilled ", values ​​Vicente Pérez, head of Urban Planning of the Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM).

In the opinion of this spokesperson, tourist flats, as well as

ghost kitchens

, should not be installed in residential blocks since they "only create problems":

inconvenience, bad coexistence ...

"They should be limited to tertiary buildings, but not to residential For example, after the state of alarm, these houses were rented for parties. The police had to go over and over again ...

These houses have been, are and will be a problem

in the city. "

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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