For years, Sophie was a management controller at Norauto, a job that she really liked. But after nine years in her business and two children, she dreams of change and giving more meaning to her work ... without really knowing how to go about it. This is where she hears about "intrapreneurship". She then joined her company's start-up incubator and created a support program for precarious people. In this special episode of "L'Envol" adapted from the program "La France Bouge" on Europe 1, Sophie shares her story to give you, in turn, desires for a change of life.

What precautions should we take before starting an intrapreneurship project?

What is the procedure to follow ?

How to get support?

After Sophie's testimony, the journalist of Europe 1 Carole Ferry and Adèle Galey, the presenter of the podcast "L'Envol" and co-founder of Ticket for change, decipher this subject in the company of Alexandre Chervet.

The CEO of INCO, a group that helps socially responsible companies to develop, gives advice on changing jobs without leaving their company. 

Three tips to change your life without changing business 


Changing your professional project while staying in your company is possible!

Find out, maybe there are intrapreneur programs in your business. 

Talk to your employer.

First, tell your employer about your project, ask him for his opinion.

Be diplomatic and take it step by step so as not to rob your superiors. 

Trust yourself


It can be difficult to be sure of your convictions when initiating an intra-company change.

Stay confident in yourself, in your plans and trust your instincts.