China News Service, Beijing, July 29 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) In response to the traceability investigation of the new crown pneumonia virus, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 29th that more than 18 million Chinese Internet users have called on the WHO Organized an investigation into the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in the United States.

  A reporter asked questions. According to reports, on the 28th, the spokesperson of the US State Department Price issued a statement saying that when Secretary of State Blincoln met with WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros, he reiterated that the United States would do more to the WHO in places including China. The support for traceability investigation emphasizes that the traceability investigation in the next stage should be timely, evidence-based, transparent, expert-led, and free from interference. The international community should be united on this issue.

What is China's comment?

  Zhao Lijian said: First, China agrees that traceability investigations should be based on evidence, led by experts, and free from interference, but the US does not do this.

  He said that the U.S. claimed that the traceability investigation was based on evidence, but it slandered the Chinese laboratory leaks and rumors that the so-called three Wuhan Virus Institute employees were sick, and could not even provide the names of these three people; the U.S. claimed that traceability should be led by experts, but used it. The intelligence department conducts traceability investigations to squeeze out and suppress objective and rational scientific professionals; the United States claims that traceability should not be interfered, but some media reports say that in the blood samples collected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States in early January 2020 After the detection of antibodies to the new crown pneumonia, senior officials of the US government halted the traceability investigation project on the grounds that “interfering with China's traceability work is detrimental to US national security”, and sealed blood samples before January 2, 2020 for no longer testing.

  Second, China has made positive contributions to global traceability with practical actions.

Zhao Lijian said that at the beginning of this year, international authoritative experts from 10 countries and authoritative experts from China formed a joint expert group to carry out a 28-day joint research and release a joint research report in China.

Regarding the content that clearly needs to be supplemented and improved in the report, China is actively supporting relevant units and scientists to continue to carry out and make efforts to advance.

But at the same time, China believes that the first phase of virus traceability has already been carried out, especially if there are clear conclusions, it should not be repeated. The second phase of traceability work should be promoted on the basis of the eight broad carbon suppliers in the member states. It is carried out in many countries and places around the world.

  Third, as the United States is the most severely affected country in the world, there are many doubts about the virus leak from Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States and the cluster of unexplained pneumonia in Maryland in 2019, but the US government has not taken any investigation actions. Zhao Lijian said that up to now, more than 18 million Chinese Internet users have called on the WHO to investigate the Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States. "If the United States really wants to support traceability investigations, it should respond to these calls, show an open and transparent attitude, and let the WHO expert team come to the United States to investigate." (End)