US President Joe Biden wants all Americans who plan and receive their corona jab in the coming period to receive a reward of 100 dollars (about 85 euros).

An amount of 350 billion dollars has been set aside for the action.

It would be an "extra incentive" to increase the vaccination rate more quickly.

Biden calls on US states and municipalities to provide the rewards as soon as possible.

It was recently announced that the city of New York is offering a $100 reward from Friday to persuade citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The American metropolis also hopes to boost the percentage of people vaccinated, now that the number of infections with the corona virus is rising again.

You get the money for the first shot at vaccination centers that are run by the city.

Biden also wants all civilians in government service to demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated.

If they do not, they must wear a mask and be tested regularly.

The rule also applies to casual employees of the national (federal) government, which is the largest employer in the country with more than 4 million employees.

Biden also ordered an investigation into a military vaccination requirement.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has already made the wise and important decision to require full vaccination from its health care providers and staff, the president said.

In the United States, about seven in ten adults have had their first shot.

Six in ten adults have also already been fully vaccinated, according to data from

The New York Times.

Vaccinating teenagers is also moving fast in the country.

66.9 percent of teens have already received their first shot and nearly 60 percent are already fully protected.