Build a "steel embankment" to protect the people

——The Armed Police Forces Participated in Henan Flood Control and Disaster Relief Records

  Cai Xiaotian Luo Xin Zhai Xiaowei

  On July 20, the strongest rainfall since there was a meteorological record plunged the cities and villages of Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Hebi and other cities into a vast ocean, and the safety of people's lives and property was seriously threatened.

  The Armed Police Force resolutely implemented the spirit of Chairman Xi’s important instructions, and always puts the protection of the people’s lives and property in the first place, went to 9 cities, 12 directions, and took on 4 reservoirs, 5 dangerous sections of river banks, and 10 dangerous points. For the tasks of rescuing the masses, rushing supplies, strengthening dams, and blocking breaches, he walked with the people of Henan through storms and hardships and walked all the way, composing a song of “all for the people” of the times.

  "Old man, don't be afraid"

  At about 21 o'clock on July 20, the water level in Huzhuangxin Village, Zhongmou County skyrocketed.

Yin Xizhong, an instructor of the Special Operations Group of the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps, led 66 soldiers into the disaster area with life jackets, rescue ropes, etc., to investigate the evacuated people in groups.

In the home of a villager, the rescue team found that Uncle Cao, who was in his 80s, was paralyzed in bed due to illness.

"Old man, don't be afraid!" The officers and soldiers of the detachment quickly carried the old man onto a stretcher, transported it to an ambulance, and rushed to the hospital.

  At 22:20 on July 21, accompanied by loud crying, a baby girl was born safely. The young parents named this new member of the family "anti-flood"-"anti-flood".

  On the same day, rescue officers and soldiers of the Xuchang Detachment of the Armed Police found a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. The water and electricity were cut off due to heavy rain. The health center where she was located no longer had the conditions for childbirth and the situation was urgent.

"Let the pregnant woman sit on the stern and get off the boat!" In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the pregnant woman, rescue officers and soldiers worked together to move the pregnant woman to a safe area, and sent the pregnant woman to the county hospital as soon as possible. Finally, we waited for the news of the mother and daughter's safety.

  On July 22, the Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital in Fuwai District, Zhengzhou City suffered severe waterlogging and became an isolated island. Thousands of patients and employees were trapped and the lives of critically ill patients were at risk.

A detachment of the First Mobile Corps of the Armed Police Force urgently dispatched 100 officers and soldiers, 16 vehicles, and 6 assault boats to transfer the wounded and sick to Henan Provincial People's Hospital.

After more than 8 hours of life relay, rescue officers and soldiers transferred a total of more than 500 people, buying precious time for timely treatment of patients.

  According to incomplete statistics, when the troops returned to the camp, they searched and rescued more than 58,000 people and moved more than 15,000 materials.

  "The reservoir is in emergency! The riverbank is in emergency!"

  "The reservoir is in emergency! The riverbank is in emergency!" The heavy rains over the past few days have caused 9 large reservoirs and more than 40 medium-sized reservoirs in Henan Province to exceed their flood limits.

On July 21, a major danger occurred in the Wuxing Reservoir in Xinmi City. Three collapses occurred on the back side of the dam and obvious cracks appeared. The situation was very critical.

  Wuxing Reservoir is a medium-sized reservoir in the Huai River Basin. The flood control position is very important. There are not only village farmland but also 6 small reservoirs downstream. Once the dike breaks, the consequences will be disastrous.

  On the afternoon of July 21, after receiving the order, 150 officers and men of the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps were unable to take care of their meals. They immediately rushed from the front line of Zhongmu to fight the flood, and braved the heavy rain to rush into the battle to reinforce the dam.

  "People are on the embankment, and the flood will not retreat, we will not retreat!" Sergeant Whiteslund had just finished his wedding on July 17 and was still on his wedding leave. He immediately returned to the team after learning that the troops would be engaged in flood relief tasks.

Sergeant Major General Zhang's home was in Kaifeng. The farmland of his family was completely flooded. He didn't care about returning home. He resolutely followed the troops to the embankment and worked continuously for nearly 24 hours. His hands were blistered by shovel and woven bag.

  After 22 hours of fighting day and night, a total of 700 officers and men from the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps and the Zhengzhou Detachment, which was subsequently reinforced, reinforced 150,000 sandbags, and the danger of the Wuxing Reservoir was smoothly eliminated.

  Since July 23, a water canal in Weihui, Xinxiang, has experienced serious dangers. The officers and soldiers of the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps came from Zhengzhou to provide emergency support to Xinxiang. Along the way, some roads were washed out and some were submerged. Turn the truck into an "amphibious armored vehicle."

  Upon reaching the task line, the officers and soldiers immediately went into battle and launched continuous operations.

At 8:58 on July 26, after day and night rescue work, the "flood protection and embankment defense war" was finally won. The officers and soldiers filled more than 540,000 sandbags, reinforced more than 10,000 meters of dams, blocked piping and more than 200 breaches, and dredged them. The river course is more than 1,300 meters, and more than 14,000 square meters of earth and rock are excavated and transported.

  "You are here, it's hope"

  Since July 23, the accumulated water for several days has gradually dissipated, and many places in Henan have been scorching hot. The silt and garbage accumulated in the streets and communities need to be cleaned up, and the order of production and life of the people needs to be restored urgently.

  The flood receded, but the soldiers were still there.

On July 24, the Armed Police officers and soldiers who had just completed the rescue and relief task were unable to take a break. They concentrated their efforts in areas where there is a lot of silt and garbage accumulation, such as Zhengdong New District, Jinshui District, Mihe Town, Gongyi City, etc., to carry out dredging and dredging. Task.

The officers and soldiers rolled up their sleeves, rolled up their trouser legs, like cleaning their own homes, and contributed their own efforts to wipe the "beautiful" Zhengzhou.

  In the square of Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital in Fuwai, Zhengzhou, the deepest part of the stagnant water reached 1.5 meters. Most doctors and patients were trapped and urgently needed relief supplies.

Wan Pengju, deputy commander of the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Henan Corps, led the combat support squadron with professional forces such as reconnaissance, communications, engineering, and chemical defense, carrying bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks, pumps, decontamination vehicles, knapsack decontaminators and other specialties. Drainage, dredging, decontamination equipment and equipment arrived at the scene quickly to carry out post-disaster reconstruction work such as material transportation, road dredging, epidemic prevention and disinfection, and help the hospital to restore medical order as soon as possible.

  After arriving at the mission site, the troops quickly started their work.

Yang Feng, the drone operator of the reconnaissance squadron, operates the drone to conduct an all-round three-dimensional reconnaissance on the disaster situation around the hospital. The video images are transmitted to the on-site reconnaissance vehicle, and then back to the corps combat command center. The rear commander can follow the scene on the big screen. The picture situation analyzes the disaster situation, scientifically mobilize troops and arrange deployment tasks at any time.

  The reconnaissance squadron, except for the drone group, is responsible for aerial reconnaissance tasks, and the rest of the personnel serve as mobile forces to cooperate with road dredging and material handling.

The officers and soldiers of the engineer squadron are responsible for using large mechanical vehicles, forklifts, and pumping trucks to clean up road surface water and road debris.

Liu Renwei, the squadron leader of the chemical defense squadron, was responsible for communicating with the hospital director on the decontamination and elimination of post-disaster epidemic prevention and other work, and then quickly organized the chemical defense forces to use decontamination vehicles, backpack decontamination devices and other equipment to completely decontaminate the hospital.

After two days of continuous struggle, more than 20 tons of relief materials have been delivered, more than 100 houses have been cleansed and destroyed, and the order in the hospital has gradually restored.

  The Second Traffic Detachment of the First Mobile Corps of the Armed Police Force also dispatched professional rescue forces to use crawler excavators to clean up rivers and change cofferdams to rivers to help local areas resume work and production as soon as possible.

  After the catastrophe, in Yingtaogou, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, the Armed Police Henan Corps Hospital sent an expert medical team to carry portable field medical equipment and drugs to treat skin diseases and traumas for the villagers, and carry out epidemic prevention and elimination.

  "Doctor, save people!" On the afternoon of July 23, Yang Yanjun, a medical team member who was in the free clinic, heard passers-by calling for help, and immediately rushed to the home of villager Lu Zhongping.

Lu Zhongping's eyes were closed tightly, his breathing was weak, and his pupils dilated on one side. Yang Yanjun and his team member Liu Yihua immediately launched first aid.

Due to the limited on-site conditions of the free clinic, they performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and transferred them to the higher-level hospital.

One hour later, they learned by phone that Lu Zhongping had turned the crisis into peace.

  Since July 16, the Henan Armed Police Corps has dispatched more than 12,000 personnel, more than 100 vehicles, more than 50 boats, and tens of thousands of various rescue equipment. It has completed 9 projects including Zhengzhou, Anyang, Kaifeng, Jiaozuo, Xuchang, and Hebi. For regional emergency rescue and post-disaster reconstruction tasks, more than 10 kilometers of roads were rushed to clear more than 90,000 cubic meters of silt.