Tallink Silja's cruise ship M / S Silja Symphony, which was on its way from Stockholm to Visby, had to change its route earlier on Thursday, and instead of the target Gotland, it headed to the port of Mariehamn to Åland.

Landing in Visby was not successful due to strong winds.

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Erika Janson, Tallink Silja's Swedish Communications Director, says that passengers have been given the opportunity to land in Mariehamn.

In addition, as a compensation for the route change, Tallink Silja offered free tickets to the Rock Off festival currently underway in Mariehamn.

However, Janson points out that all passengers are unlikely to take advantage of the opportunity, as the ship stays in Mariehamn for only a few hours.

According to Janson, no medical examination or corona testing is arranged for passengers in Mariehamn.

Most of the passengers on the planned cruise inside Sweden are Swedish.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) classifies Sweden as a high-risk country from which arriving travelers must submit a document for either a full coroner vaccine series at least 14 days old or a coronavirus infection within six months.

If the passenger has a certificate for one dose of vaccine received or a negative test result up to 72 hours old, the test does not need to be taken at the border, but must be taken within 3–5 days of arrival in Finland.

If the above documents are not available, the test must be taken both on entry and again within 3-5 days.

Silja Symphony was on its way from Stockholm to Visby, but due to the strong wind it changed its route to Mariehamn.

Photo: Silja Line

According to Janson, the matter has been discussed with the Åland health authorities, who gave the green light to the landing.

According to Janson, the permit was granted because the passengers stay in Mariehamn for only a few hours.

According to Janson, there are no staff in Mariehamn on Thursday to carry out border checks.

- This is the information I got.

In Sweden, vaccine coverage is high, so a large proportion of our passengers are vaccinated.

According to Janson, the Åland health authorities required the shipping company to inform its passengers to keep their distance from other people and to encourage them to wear a face mask.

Passengers were informed by text messages and announcements.

- We also offered face masks for passengers who wanted to land, Janson says.

Ilta-Sanomat did not reach the Åland health authorities to comment on the matter.