In the spotlight: many Haitians stranded in Necoclí, Colombia

Haitian migrants during a meeting on the beach in Necocli, Colombia, January 28, 2021. AFP - PRENSA MAYOR NECOCLI

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A humanitarian crisis is currently playing out in Necoclí, a small town in northwestern Colombia.

"The exodus continues"

, headlines

El Espectador

in One.

"About ten thousand people, mainly Haitians and Cubans"

are currently stuck "in Necoclí, which is normally only one stop on

their long way to the United States

, explains the columnist of

El Tiempo

. At issue: the bad weather and the scarcity of ferry tickets that prevent them from crossing the Gulf of Urabá.

Result: while waiting to take a boat, these migrants gather

"in the streets, parks and beaches"

of the city.

The municipality is overwhelmed, writes

El Tiempo

, by the sudden need to house so many people in the context of a pandemic.

"The price of food has gone up"

and residents fear shortages.

Eight hundred migrants pass through Necoclí every day

The columnist of the Colombian right-wing newspaper asks to listen to the mayor of Necoclí.

The latter requires from Bogota safe conducts for these migrants so that they leave the country quickly.

El Tiempo

also calls for substantive decisions for the city, which is the transit point for 800 migrants per day, on average.  

Once the Gulf of Urabá has been crossed, it is the beginning of several days of walking in "

 one of the densest jungles in the world"

in Panama, underlines

El Espectador

for his part


This year alone,


people from Haiti, Cuba, Chile, Senegal, Ghana, among others, have crossed it 


A road that


soberly describes as



And that's also just a step, before crossing the rest of Central America and Mexico to reach the border with the United States.

Peru: still no cabinet for President Castillo

In Peru, President Pedro Castillo was sworn in on Wednesday July 28. In his speech, he said he wanted to put an end to corruption. He also announces a constitutional reform project. No information, however, on the composition of his cabinet, which is quite unusual, notes

El Comercio

en Une. According to the newspaper, the Prime Minister must nevertheless be sworn in on Thursday in Ayacucho, and his ministers on Friday in Lima. For a political scientist interviewed by the Peruvian daily, this is a sign that negotiations have not yet been concluded within his party, Perú Libre. He hopes this does not presage

"slow and tense"


before each decision is made.

El Comercio

also gives this Thursday the reaction of Keiko Fujimori, the unfortunate opponent of Pedro Castillo in the second round.

The leader of the opposition promises that her Fuerza Popular party will support in Congress

"any initiative of the new government aimed at improving the quality of life of the population"


Keiko Fujimori, on the other hand, promises to fiercely oppose the proposed new Constitution.

She even speaks of a

"wall" in the

face of this

"threat of a new Communist Constitution"


Hunting for critical voices in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, Parliament on Wednesday removed their legal status from 24 civil society organizations, including 15 in the medical field.

They are accused of breaking the regulations.

However, many of these organizations had been in existence for half a century.

But they had had the bad taste to criticize the management of the Covid-19 crisis.

The opposition media

La Prensa

notes that in all 34 organizations have lost their legal status since 2018. The most emblematic is Cenidh, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights.


La Prensa

, it is a

“demolition enterprise”

carried out by an Assembly won over to President Ortega.

The latter must announce that he is running for a 4th consecutive term in the November 7 elections.

New York: $ 100 for those who get vaccinated

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced it.

The city will offer, from Friday, $ 100 to anyone who will be injected with a dose of vaccine to protect themselves against the coronavirus in one of the centers deployed by the town hall.

The city is worried about an increase in hospitalizations, mostly of unvaccinated people, the

New York Times



The authorities had reopened all businesses and the masks had slipped under the chin barely a month ago.

But on Tuesday, health authorities recommended that vaccinated people resume wearing masks in closed public spaces in areas where more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded.

This is the case, underlines the newspaper,

"in all the boroughs of the city of New York".

Texas: death of Dusty Hill, bearded bassist of ZZ Top

We end this press review with the death of a legend.

Dusty Hill, bearded bassist for Texan band ZZ Top, died in his sleep at the age of 72, writes the

Houston Chronicle


The governor of Texas greeted in

a tweet

, a

"great friend and a remarkable Texan"


ZZ Top is

"known for its hard rock tinged with blues, was one of the greatest groups of the 1980s,"

recalls the

New York Times


He has sold

“over 50 million albums”.


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