In Geneva, meeting between the number two of Russian and American diplomacy

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her Russian counterpart Sergei Riabkov at the headquarters of the US diplomatic mission in Geneva, July 28, 2021. REUTERS - HANDOUT

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They are responsible for continuing the dialogue started by Vladimir Poutine and Joe Biden: the number 2 of Russian and American diplomacy met in Geneva.

The meeting took place behind closed doors but at the end, the two camps expressed themselves to show their satisfaction, even if, on the merits, there was no notable progress.


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Discussions " 

professional and substantial

 ", according to the Americans, " 

pragmatic, professional and precise

 ", according to the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sergei Riabkov said he was very satisfied with the progress of these consultations, believing that the United States had shown that it was ready to engage in a constructive dialogue.

We made sure to focus on the areas for which we could find points of convergence 

" he specified, quoted by the TASS agency.

The meeting between US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her Russian counterpart was held at the headquarters of the US diplomatic mission in Geneva. 

Arms control

The spokesman for American diplomacy, Ned Price, clarified that the discussions had focused on " 

the security environment, the perception of threats to strategic stability

(or even)

the prospects for arms control


On this file, much remains to be done.

Sergei Riabkov stressed that Washington and Moscow could not agree on how to overcome the crisis over arms control, adding that this problem, which he describes as " 


 ", had been " 

neglected for too long.


The two sides agreed to hold talks in September.

In the meantime, informal consultations will be held to determine the priority topics for the start of the school year. 

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