France: left-wing deputies before the Constitutional Council against the "health pass"

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The entry of the Constitutional Council in Paris, July 21, 2020 © LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

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In France, the left is not disarming against the "health pass".

The law providing for its extension is due to enter into force on August 9.

But it is necessary before the Constitutional Council gives the green light.

74 deputies from France Insoumise, the Socialist Party or the Communist Party still hope to block its establishment: they lodged an appeal before the Council ... and defended their arguments before the Sages Thursday, July 29 in the aftermath. midday.


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Left-wing deputies marching hand in hand towards the Constitutional Council.

They exposed their grievances against the text, and especially against the "

health pass ”.

Ugo Bernalicis, deputy France Insoumise explains the points which disturb him in this text: “

Obviously there is article 1 which creates the" sanitary pass "where there are many problems which are raised in it; on the dismissal, there is a lot that has been said; the verification of the "health pass" delegated to private persons who will have your name, first name and your state of health; and the constraints that will be implemented on the freedoms to come and go.


Here it is, we defended individual and collective freedoms before the @Conseil_constit.

The @GouvernementFR fractures our society without being effective against the #Covid.

For Macron, the only adjustment variable in the face of the pandemic is our freedoms! #PassSanitaire

- Ugo Bernalicis φ (@Ugobernalicis) July 29, 2021

Stéphane Le Peu, communist, and Aurélien Taché, ex-Walker, were also present.

No doubt for the latter, the "

sanitary pass ”is unconstitutional:“

What will be decided by the Constitutional Council today will also have an importance on the future.

Because beyond the implementation of this "health pass", if we accept that private actors can access the health data of their employees, their customers, etc., we can have absolutely terrible implications .


💬 “What @EmmanuelMacron calls the vigilance society is a monitoring society!


Our freedoms should not be an adjustment variable.

I defended our appeal against the #PJLSanitaire before the @Conseil_constit.

My Itw @leJDD ⤵️https: //

- Aurélien Taché (@Aurelientache) July 29, 2021

According to them, the law would discriminate against the most precarious with more limited access to vaccines.

The decision of the Elders of the Council will be rendered on August 5.

We were auditioned this afternoon by the @Conseil_constit on the #PJLSanitaire #PasseSanitaire.

For my part, I especially insisted on infringements of labor law, in particular for employees on fixed-term contracts and temporary workers.

- Stephane Peu (@ stephane1peu) July 29, 2021

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