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Cheap mobile plans: details of the new Cdiscount Mobile offers

The first package is therefore the 5 GB one. If you need to surf the Internet, this package is ideal.

Until August 5 inclusive, it is available for only € 2.99 / month for l12 months following subscription.

Without change on your part, it will then automatically increase to € 7.99 / month.

The second package comes with 100 GB of data, an amount suitable for large consumers.

It will be appreciated by people used to watching streaming videos, for example.

Like the 5 GB plan, it counts unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

But above all, it includes 13 GB of data that can be used in the EU and the overseas departments.

The 5 GB package, for its part, will still have 5 GB usable abroad.

The 100 GB plan is currently at € 9.99 / month for 12 months and will then increase to € 20 / month.

Two non-binding formulas for total freedom

Since these two formulas are non-binding, they allow you to try out Cdiscount Mobile's services without fear of unpleasant surprises.

In case of change of mind, a few clicks are enough to change operator.

In addition to these two packages currently offered at reduced prices, Cdiscount Mobile also has other packages.

The € 2 / month plan, for example, gives you 200 MB of mobile data.

By opting for certain packages, you also have the possibility of changing your smartphone, and opting for a reconditioned model.

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