The Tammerfest held in Tampere last week is reflected in the number of infections in Pirkanmaa.

Janne Laine, Deputy Chief Physician of Tays' Infection Unit, told Aamulehti about the matter.

- Yes, it shows.

We will probably calculate at the beginning of next week how many infections can be directly linked to Tammerfest, he told the newspaper.

A record number of daily infections was detected in Tampere on Thursday, at 93. Previously, the highest daily number of infections, 70, was found in mid-March.

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However, Laine told Aamulehti that the high number of infections is not due to a single chain of infection, but consists of individual smaller chains.

Summer festivals have increased the number of coronary infections in different parts of Finland.

It has been reported in the past that corona infections have been reported at people attending the Tikkurila Festival, for example.

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Coronavirus infections were also detected at the Himos Juhannus festival in June.

Himos Juhannus was the first major festival in Finland since the beginning of the corona pandemic.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that three artists have had to cancel their performances at the Qstock festival in Oulu next weekend.

The corona situation in Oulu has also deteriorated rapidly.

On Thursday afternoon, the service had more than 400 advertisements selling tickets to Qstock - often at a lower purchase price.