China News Service, July 28. According to a report by Japan’s “Chinese Herald”, Lin Yuan, a Chinese volunteer at the Tokyo Olympic Games, shared her experience and thoughts about volunteering at the Olympic venue and witnessing China’s first gold medal. The article is excerpted as follows:

  On the first day of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, I arrived at the venue. As soon as I got off the bus, volunteers greeted me with a bright smile and guided the path.

At the entrance, I swiped my face with a volunteer work card, and entered after completing the security check.

Then I went to the check-in desk, checked my name again, confirmed the number of days of attendance, received drinking water, wiped sweat towels, salt lozenges, disinfectants and a small manual for safety precautions.

Everyone lined up to complete the registration in an orderly manner. According to the instructions received in the email, they came to the service area of ​​the volunteer hall to wait for the assignment of work.

  As soon as I sat down, my attention was attracted by the work cards of the volunteers around me. The straps of the cards were covered with various national and Olympic medals.

There was a sense of reality in an instant. In this time and this space, the whole world rushed to the Fifth Ring and gathered here.

It turned out that part of the volunteers paid here from the preparation stage. With the number of working days, gold, silver and bronze medals will be issued, and Olympic participants from various countries will exchange medals. This is a small medal. It has become the envy of everyone. This is a recognition and encouragement for the volunteers, and it is also a permanent memorial.

  After accepting the job, I was assigned to the rest hall of the players to be responsible for inquiries and answers.

Coaches, players, and related personnel from all over the world will take a ride from the player village to the venue for more than an hour, and they will rest, adjust and wait for each other.

After receiving a concise and clear job description, enter the lobby.

  Judging from the map, the entire Olympic stadium is quite large.

The volunteers each received a map of the venue. They need to know the location of the venue, lounge, media interview area, etc. One is to provide a simple answer when asked, and to prevent themselves from being lost.

  As a query answerer, I need to master the information of the competition, the schedule of the practice and the ranking results, and accept and print out the corresponding information at any time, so that the information can be prepared in time and accurately for everyone to view.

  In the process of familiarizing with the content and preparing, I saw a flash of red in the lounge. As a Chinese, we have an instinctive reaction to red. When we look closely, it really is our Chinese team!

The snow-white sportswear is embroidered with red CHINA, which is extremely easy to identify.

Everyone entered the lobby, looking around looking for a seat, and meeting the kindness of my compatriots in a strange land made me involuntarily step forward to find a good seat and greet everyone to sit down.

As soon as we heard Chinese, our team's complexion instantly became relaxed and cheerful.

He picked up his backpack and said, "It's great, I can finally hear our own words."

  Because I need to grasp the event information, I also pay special attention to the status of the Chinese players in each event and the results of the event.

Seeing that our Chinese player Yang Qian participated in the first match on July 24, the match time coincided with my lunch break, and seeing Yang Qian's results in the event briefing report hitting the gold medal, I was instantly excited. I got up, explained my good work, ignored the hungry and hungry of a busy morning, and ran towards the stadium.

  Arriving at the stadium, there are already a lot of people surrounded by three levels inside and outside three levels, because the first gold medal born from here will be the first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics, which is of great significance.

To this end, President Bach of the Olympic Committee came to the scene to present a medal to the first champion of the Tokyo Olympics.

  When entering the waiting area outside the stadium, the staff were all quiet, nervous and expectant. Everyone quietly watched the birth of the sacred moment. Yes, the Olympic gold medal!

  After the bronze medalist and the silver medalist, a foreigner accented Chinese, YANG QIAN杨倩!

The name resounded powerfully in the venue!

The first gold in the Olympics, the flower goes to China!

Applause broke out in the entire venue, precisely because of the empty field, the applause became clearer and more penetrating!

The familiar national anthem was played, and I couldn't help but hum in a low voice along the side, naturally overflowing emotions.

  After the awards ceremony, the winners will go to accept media visits and urine tests. The moment our champion walks out of the stadium with a gold medal on his chest, the surroundings are instantly boiling.

The young Olympic champion was held up by the waiting leader, and looked at the crimson smiling face lovingly and proudly.

(Lin Yuan)