China News Service, July 28. According to US media reports, the US government is conducting a search in Florida to investigate the assassination of the President of Haiti.

After the assassination of Haitian President Moise on July 7, Haiti immediately entered a state of martial law.

  According to the US "Miami Herald", dozens of federal agents joined the search.

The search was related to two local businessmen who were suspected of being involved in this crime, but it is temporarily unclear whether they participated.

The two are Antonio Intriago, president of CTU Security, and Walter Veintemilla, president of Worldwide Capital Lending Group.

  The Haitian government suspected that Intriago had trained Colombian and Haitian citizens who assassinated the president, while Betemilia funded the conspiracy.

The Haitian government accused Christian Sanon, a Haitian-American doctor living in Florida, of being the mastermind, saying he aspired to lead Haiti.

  The counter-terrorism unit of the local federal prosecutor's office is investigating.

  Haitian President Moise was killed in an attack on his official residence in the early morning of July 7. His wife Martina Moise was injured and was treated in a hospital in Miami, USA.

Haitian law enforcement agencies said that 28 suspects have been identified, including 26 Colombian citizens, and 23 people have been arrested.