China News Service, Toronto, July 27 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The Chinese Embassy in Canada held an online reception on July 27 to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

On the same day, Cong Peiwu, the Chinese ambassador to Canada, wrote an article in the "Military Spirit" magazine, a mainstream media in the Canadian defense industry, to analyze the "spiritual code" of the Chinese army.

  In his speech at the online reception, Cong Peiwu said that the Communist Party of China pays attention to the future and destiny of mankind and advances hand in hand with all progressive forces in the world. China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army has always inherited the peace genes of traditional Chinese culture, has always obeyed and served the country's peaceful development strategy, and has always pursued a defensive national defense policy. It is a true "guard of peace."

The "Chinese Blue Helmet" is a world-renowned title, and the Chinese army has conducted good exchanges with the militaries of other countries.

He said that China is willing to work with other countries in the world to further increase political mutual trust, respect each other's development paths, and work together to resolve various challenges that they face together, so as to contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

  The reception played the Chinese military propaganda video "Guardians of the People, Defenders of Peace" produced by the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

Nearly 50 people from all walks of life in Canada and the military attache regiment in Canada attended the reception.

  On the same day, Cong Peiwu published a signed article titled "The Loveliest People's Army—The Spiritual Code of the Chinese Army" in Canadian "Military Spirit" magazine.

The article said that since the establishment of the Chinese army, with the noble sentiment of "conquering the world for the people" with one heart, it has created a miracle that is commendable and shines through the annals of history, and has won widespread support and support from the Chinese people.

  The article said that recently, Canadian vaccination has made positive progress, and the vaccination rate ranks high among developed countries. This work is inseparable from the support of the Canadian Army.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Chinese military adhered to the principle of "people first, life first", went retrograde and rushed to the front line of Wuhan to fight the epidemic, achieving the goal of "winning wars and zero infection".

The epidemic is still spreading globally, but the firm actions of the Chinese military have not stopped.

By dispatching medical expert teams, conducting video exchanges of anti-epidemic experience, and providing anti-epidemic materials and vaccines, the Chinese military has actively carried out international cooperation in anti-epidemic cooperation with multinational militaries, demonstrating its active deeds and sincere willingness to serve and build a community of shared future for mankind.

The article also said that Canada is an important sponsor of UN peacekeeping operations, and China is a key force in UN peacekeeping operations.

China is the second largest contributor to the United Nations peacekeeping contributors and the largest contributor to the permanent members of the Security Council.

  The article says that if one is self-sufficient, one can help the world at the same time. Serving to build a community with a shared future for mankind is the meaning of the times for China’s national defense and the world significance of the Chinese military’s purpose of serving the people. No matter how the international situation changes, the Chinese military will persist in fulfilling its international responsibilities and obligations, always hold high the banner of win-win cooperation, fulfill its promises with practical actions, provide more public security products to the international community within its power, and work hand in hand with the militaries of all countries in the world. , Strive to make the world a better place, make the people happier, and continue to write a new chapter in the history of mankind standing in the same boat and overcoming difficulties together.